Household Products Safety Database

Screenshot of the Household Products Database webpage.U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Household Product Database.

At Work:  If you use household/consumer chemical products in the manner in which they were designed then you will find this extensive safety database useful for understanding the potential health hazards of most consumer chemical substances.

At Home:  You will also find this database useful for activities you do at home.  The database includes substances used for typical home cleaning, home maintenance, landscaping, pesticides, home office, arts & crafts, automotive, pet care, and personal care.

NOTE:  An example of “in the manner in which they were designed” would be if you are cleaning your department’s break room sink.  If you were cleaning a restroom that contains many sinks and hence will be exposed to the cleaning product for a longer period of time then you would follow the guidelines set in place by the STO Employee Right-To-Know Program.