Her Vang

Her Vang began participating in TRIO ETS in the 10th grade while attending Community of Peace Academy. After graduating in 2017, he is currently attending St. Paul College where he is pursuing his Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Her was first introduced to TRIO ETS through a classroom presentation in his English 10 class. When reflecting back on his participation in the TRIO program, Her said, “TRIO ETS helped us prepare for life, taking responsibility and giving us tip and advice on how to get a job and many more.” Throughout Her’s time at Community of Peace Academy, he remained active in ETS and participated in many of the ETS college visits and field trips.

When asked about what advice he would give to current high school students, Her responded saying, “Not just only enjoy the time you have spare, but to really learn things in high school. In college you’ll have to learn things by yourself if you quite don’t understand the subject because the Professor won’t wait for you due to the short amount of time they have to cover the subject.” Her’s current goal is learning to prioritize his time in college better.

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