TRIO Success Stories

Carlo graduated from Humboldt High School in 2013. Before coming to Humboldt and working with the ETS Team, Carlo had no idea what a GPA was. While reviewing his transcript at the end of his first year with his ETS Advisor, he was able to learn about the benefits of having a high GPA, getting into college, and applying to scholarships. Carlo set a goal with his ETS Advisor to graduate with the highest GPA in his class, and he did just that. He graduated as the valedictorian of his class. After high school, he became a first generation college student by attending the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Child Psychology and Leadership in 2016. For Carlo’s complete story, click here.

Jessica Mattix-Foster started participating in TRIO ETS as a 7thgrader at Humboldt Senior High School. She says that one of the main reasons she is now attending college is because of her ETS advisors, and how much they encouraged her throughout her years in high school.  As a senior they kept her on track with college preparation and financial aid applications, and were a support system as she prepared for the transition to college. For Jessica’s complete story, click here.

Lauren Salgado Cortez was first introduced to TRIO ETS as a 9th grader at Washburn High School. At first, she didn’t think college was for her. However, during ETS workshops, she grew to enjoy learning about different options for her future. “I loved learning about what my life could look like,” she said. “Though I didn’t think college was a reality for me because I didn’t think I was school smart, my mentors pushed and challenged me. They made me look at the future with a different perspective….” For Lauren’s complete story, Click here.

Abdul Sharif began his 9th grade year at Washburn High School, going to college didn’t seem like an option. No one in his family had attended a post-secondary institution, and his financial situation made furthering his education feel impossible. Nevertheless, today Abdul is in his sophomore year at Augsburg College majoring in Political Science, with minors in History and Peace/Global Studies. …for Abdul’s complete story, click here.

Her Vang began participating in TRIO ETS in the 10th grade while attending Community of Peace Academy. After graduating in 2017, he is currently attending St. Paul College where he is pursuing his Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Her was first introduced to TRIO ETS through a classroom presentation in his English 10 class. When reflecting back on his participation in the TRIO program, Her said, “TRIO ETS helped us prepare for life, taking responsibility and giving us tips and advice on how to get a job and many more.”…for Her’s complete story, click here.

Christian Borgan was first introduced to TRIO ETS through participation in the St. Olaf mentoring program. When reflecting back on the mentoring program Christian said it was “a good experience that helped me get a grasp on college expectations and overall life after high school”. Throughout Christian’s time at Humboldt High School he remained active in ETS and participated in many of the ETS college visits and field trips. He remembers the college visits being very easy to sign up for and even though he was only interested in a small pool of schools, he still found the variety in college visits very helpful…for Christian’s complete story, click here.

Penny VuPenny Vuee began participating in TRIO ETS in the 7th grade at Humboldt High School. She continued her involvement with TRIO ETS until she graduated from Humboldt in 2014. While in ETS, Penny participated in the St. Olaf mentoring program where she was mentored by a St. Olaf College student who provided her with advice and guidance on how to prepare for college. Penny also attended college visits with ETS, two of them being St. Olaf College and the University of Minnesota. “I love ETS. The staff is awesome and they always want the best for their students”…for Penny’s complete story, click here.