Loan Default Rate History

Recent Federal Loan Default Rate History at St Olaf College

The United States Department of Education calculates and publishes the rate at which each cohort of borrowers default on federal student loans. You can search their database at their website: Searchable Default Database.

St Olaf’s recent default rate history can be found in the following table (all numbers are percentages):

Fiscal Year St Olaf 3-Year Cohort Default Rate* National 3-Year Cohort Default Rate*
2017 1.0 9.7
2016 0.5 10.1
2015 0.7 10.8
2014 1.0 11.5
2013 0.7 11.3
2012 0.5 11.8

* = the three-year cohort default rate only became available starting in September 2012. For information about the two-year default rate in previous years, please contact the Financial Aid Office.