St. Olaf Fund Board

Board Charter

Organizing Principal
  • Peer-to-peer solicitation and volunteer recruitment are demonstrably the most effective tools available to increase ownership in an annual giving program. A leadership board of alumni and parent volunteers will remove the institutional face of annual giving, give credibility to fund raising for St. Olaf, and more easily facilitate that transition of ownership.
  • Develop a culture of stewardship where all alumni, parents, and friends understand the importance of annual giving and the role they play in ensuring the long-term health of the college.
  • Further enhance the ownership of annual giving by encouraging volunteerism and widespread peer-to-peer soliciting.
  • Serve as a conduit of information between alumni, parents, and friends of St. Olaf and the college itself to shape strategies to improve the efficacy of fund raising for the St. Olaf Fund.
Organizational Structure
  • Two alumni representatives from each decade serve as Board Directors to help coordinate the fund raising activities of the volunteers from the five classes under his/her purview. Three-year term limits with no more than two consecutive terms served.
  • From the Board Directors, one chair will be selected to hold a two-year term. This two-year term can be an extension to the term limit noted earlier.
  • From the Board Directors, one vice chair will be selected to hold a two-year term. Vice chair serves as chair-elect.
  • Chair and vice chair terms may not end at the same time.
  • In consultation with staff, the chair and vice chair coordinate the recruiting of additional Board Directors as terms end.
Overarching Goals
  • Help increase the number of engaged volunteers from both reunion and non-reunion classes.
  • Help increase giving and participation in the St. Olaf Fund by advising on messaging, strategy, and tactics.

Board Members

Scott Douglas ’74
Duane Engstrom ’53
Sonia Esch ’78
Dan Frankenfeld ’15
John Hegg ’63
Carlton Holte ’67
Beth Cadwallader Horsager ’85
Clayton Smith Jelinek ’10, Chair
Carolyn Major ’98
Leslie Nelson-Abell ’08
Catherine Wierz ’90
Adam Wilhelm ’03
Julie Wrase ’82, Vice-Chair