St. Olaf Fund Board

Organizing Principle

The St. Olaf Fund Board of Directors plays a vital role in personally engaging alumni and family members through volunteer work focused on peer-to-peer solicitation to increase giving through the St. Olaf Fund. This leadership board of alumni and parent volunteers provides support and guidance to the overall St. Olaf Fund volunteer program and serves as a sounding board, representing the St. Olaf College alumni and parent community to the St. Olaf Fund.

  1. Support the development of a culture of philanthropy where all alumni, parents, and friends of the college understand the importance of the St. Olaf Fund in ensuring the long-term health of the college; this includes setting a personal example by making an early and thoughtful gift.
  2. Partner with St. Olaf Fund staff to increase alumni and parent annual fund support and overall participation through effective volunteer peer-to-peer solicitation, and inspire and manage volunteers to serve to their fullest potential.
  3. Increase revenue through the solicitation of identified individuals with the goal of increasing leadership level gifts from alumni and parent peers.
Overarching Goals
  1. Work with staff to ensure 100% giving by all board members, Class Fund Agents, and volunteers in support of the St. Olaf Fund each year.
  2. Sustain or increase the measured level of active participation by Class Fund Agents and other volunteers working on behalf of the St. Olaf Fund.
  3. Serve as an advocate in one or more of the following ways, in partnership with staff: contacting volunteers directly, signing letters and e-solicitation messages, thanking donors and volunteers, and serving as social media ambassadors and advocates.
  4. Ensure that anti-racism and diversity/equity/inclusion practices are incorporated into volunteer work including, but not limited to, volunteer recruitment and training, and understand campus initiatives and priorities to effectively represent the college.
  5. Provide reflections on messaging, strategy, and tactics, as requested, to help increase giving and participation.
Organizational Structure

The St. Olaf Fund Board is comprised of one alumni representative from each half-decade as well as a parent/family representative. Board members advise St. Olaf Fund staff when necessary and help manage and engage alumni and parent volunteers with peer-to-peer interaction in support of the St. Olaf Fund. Alumni members serve up to two consecutive three-year terms while parent/family representatives serve up to three consecutive one-year terms. St. Olaf Fund Board positions include a chair, vice-chair, secretary, and at-large members. The board chair serves a two-year term and is succeeded by the vice-chair. The St. Olaf Board also has a diversity, equity, and inclusion subcommittee that meets separately and is led by two co-chairs (who are not the overall board chair, vice-chair, or secretary).

2021-22 Board Members

Eric Ayen ’85
Scott Douglas ’74 P ’01 ’05, Vice-Chair
Duane Engstrom ’53 P ’77 ’79 ’82
Grace Erispaha ’21
Janet Estep ’78
Daniel Frankenfeld ’15, DEI co-chair
Kayleen Hecksher ’13, DEI co-chair
John Hegg ’63, Secretary
Carlton Holte ’67
Calvin Husmann ’90
Louise Packard P ’22
Ronald Pechauer ’59 P ’88 ’91
Matthew Schneider ’99
Julie Wrase ’82, Chair

Updated January 2022