09/08/21 – class of 2025 new student orientation seminar

The Honor Council recently conducted a seminar during New Student Orientation for the Class of 2025 in an effort to begin education efforts to instill an increased sense of confidence in understanding the Honor Code, Honor Council, and associated processes within the campus community. The slides utilized during the presentation are attached here.

09/01/21 – Honor Council Survey Summer 2021 ReporT

The Honor Council dispersed a survey at the beginning of Summer 2021 to ascertain community opinions pertaining to various questions and changes proposed regarding the Honor Council and its processes. Much discussion and policy writing occurred after the conclusion of the survey. This report is the culmination of both the survey results and general outlooks pertaining to each question. Formal dissemination of policy drafts is expected to occur sometime in September, at which point the constitutional amendment process will begin.