kono, sono, ano, dono ( Genki I Chapter 2)

この / その / あの / どの+noun

Kore, sore, are, and dare can be modified by replacing the final re with no to specify an object.  It is important to note that kono, sono, ano, and dono cannot stand alone:  they must be followed by a noun.  For example, if you know that the item in your hand is a watch (tokee) you can say:

このとけいはいくらですか。                How much is this watch?
kono tokee wa ikura desu ka.

As opposed to:

これはいくらですか。                            How much is this?
kore wa ikura desu ka.

To summarize:
これ (は~)        このnoun  (は~)            close to the person speaking
それ (は~)  そのnoun  (は~)            close to the person listening
あれ (は~)  あれnoun  (は~)            far from both people
どれ (は~)  どのnoun  (は~)            unknown