Japanese Language

To fulfill a Japanese major, students will demonstrate both linguistic and cultural competence.

Requirements for the Japanese Major

The major consists of nine courses.

  • Four core language courses:
    • JAPAN 231: Intermediate Japanese I
    • JAPAN 232: Intermediate Japanese II
    • JAPAN 301: Advanced Japanese I
    • JAPAN 302: Advanced Japanese II
  • One language course above JAPAN 302, such as:
    • JAPAN 320: Special Topics in Japanese
    • An equivalent course taken during an approved study abroad language program
  • Four courses, taught in English, focused on Japan/Japanese language and culture:
    • At least one must examine transnationalism/regionalism/global perspectives
    • At least one must be 300-level
    • No more than one may be 100-level
    • One may be an Independent Study or an Asian Studies senior seminar (ASIAN 397 and ASIAN 399)
    • The Asian Conversations sequence (ASIAN 210, 215/216, 220) may count for no more than two

Please see attached worksheet for specific course requirements.

Additionally, Japanese majors are highly encouraged to spend a semester or year abroad.