Japanese Language Courses

Japanese 111, 112, Beginning Japanese I, II

This course is an introduction to speaking, reading and writing Japanese; writing includes the learning of all syllabic letters (Hiragana and Katakana) and basic Kanji (Chinese characters). Class meets four times weekly, including one language laboratory session. Japanese 111 or equivalent is prerequisite to 112. Japanese 111 is offered annually in fall semester, and 112 annually in spring semester.

Students continue to develop the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills that will enable them to deal not only with topics of daily life, but also cultural themes and authentic materials. Class meets four times week, including one language laboratory session. Japanese 231 [Fall] or its equivalent is prerequisite to 232 [Spring].Japanese 231 satisfies the FOL requirement at St. Olaf, while 232 satisfies the minimum language requirements of an Asian Studies major.

Japanese 301. 302, Advanced Japanese I, II

This third-year level course aims to increase the knowledge of Japanese people/language/society by comparing and contrasting with their own culture(s) through their target language. Various authentic “texts” (images, video clips, figures, written texts, etc.) will be used to support students’ learning. The course is required for students seeking a Japan Japanese major. Prerequisite: Japanese 232 or equivalent

Japanese 298, Independent Study

Independent studying revolving about Japan by using the Japanese language. Contact a professor in the Japanese program if interested.

Japanese 320, Special Topics in Japanese

In this fourth-level Japanese course, students explore a specified topic or theme in language, in various text/media (literature, newspaper, manga, and films), in culture/civilization, or in a combination of these, through close examination of texts (written or visual), discussion, analysis, and interpretation of selected materials. May be repeated if topics are different. Prerequisite Japanese 302 or equivalent.  At least one is required for the Japanese major.

Japanese 394, Academic Internship

Japanese 398, Independent Research

Students who have completed Japanese 302 are encouraged to continue their Japanese language study with faculty through individual and small group tutorials by registering for Japanese 298 or Japanese 398. Through individual tutorials students may pursue readings and projects in their area of interest.