Study Abroad

Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities to study in Asia through St. Olaf programs and ACM programs. Language study is offered through the Term in China (Shanghai), Term in Taiwan (Taipei and other cities), ACM Perspectives on Contemporary China (Shanghai), ACM Japan Study (Tokyo), Hokusei Gakuen University (Sapporo), and Nagoya University (Nagoya).

There are also programs in Asia that do not require previous language study: Global Semester, Yonsei University (Seoul), several St Olaf Interims, and other study/service opportunities. See the International Studies web site for more information about these programs. For those interested particularly in South Asia, the ACM India Studies program offers area studies courses and intensive language instruction without prerequisites.

Asian Studies courses taken in St. Olaf off-campus programs can often be counted toward a major in Asian Studies, Chinese or Japanese, as well as a concentration in Asian Studies. Students who wish to count off-campus courses toward a major or concentration should seek approval from the chair of the Asian Studies Department before beginning their programs. Some restrictions apply.