Post-Graduate Opportunities

China Fellow Internship: East China Normal University

Application deadline: March 9

Each year St Olaf recruits two graduating seniors as “China Fellow Interns” to serve as college-level English instructors for East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai, our long-standing sister school for three decades and one of the “key” prestigious research universities in China. The fellowship lasts the whole academic year–Fall 2018 (the end of August) until Spring 2019 (the end of June).

Online application with more information is available here

You can cut and paste the following link as well <>.

Application includes a most recent official transcript (PDF), two reference contacts, a personal essay (describing your career goal and how this fellowship is relevant), as well as other personal/academic information.

If you are interested in this teaching opportunity to work and explore one of the most dynamic cities in Asia/China upon your graduation, you can also contact Prof. Ying Zhou and Prof. Ka Wong for more information.


Fulbright Scholar Program

Study/Research Awards:

Fulbright Study/Research Awards allow U.S. citizens to design their own projects and work with advisers at foreign universities and institutes of higher education. Fulbright awards are available in approximately 140 countries; each has its own program requirements, so an applicant’s first step is to familiarize themself with the program summary for the desired country.

Fulbright Study/Research Awards in China

Fulbright Study/Research Awards in Japan

English Teaching Assistant Awards:

English Teaching Assistant (ETA) awards place Fulbright grantees in classrooms abroad to provide assistance to local English teachers. ETAs teach English while serving as cultural ambassadors to the US. The age and academic level of the students varies by country, ranging from kindergarten to university level. ETA positions are available in the following Asian countries:

India Macau Tajikistan
Indonesia Malaysia Thailand
Kazakhstan Mongolia Vietnam
Korea Nepal
Kyrgyzstan Sri Lanka
Laos Taiwan
Critical Language Enhancement Awards:

The Critical Language Enhancement Award (CLEA) provides an opportunity for Fulbright grantees to receive three to six months of intensive language study in conjunction with their Fulbright grant. CLEAs cultivate higher levels of language proficiency prior to and during the grant period and beyond, promoting the Fulbright Program’s goals of cross-cultural exchange and dialogue.

Eligible countries include:

China India Jordan Russia
Egypt Indonesia Morocco

Eligible languages include:

Arabic (all dialects) Hindi
Bahasa Indonesia Marathi
Bangla/Bengali Punjabi
Mandarin Chinese Russian
Gujarati Urdu


Applications for Fulbright fellowships are due in October of each year; however, St. Olaf has an internal deadline students must follow. For more information about applying for Fulbright awards, click here.