2020-21 Courses Related to Asia

The following is a list of courses offered outside the Asian Studies department which have relevance to topics in Asian Studies.

Fall 2020

AS/RE 253: Hinduism

AS/RE 256: Religions China/Japan

AS/RE 289: Buddhism, Peace, and Justice

HIST 250: China: Past and Present

MUSIC 237: World Music

MUSIC 345: Music of South Asia

PHIL249: Asian Philosophy

Interim 2021

AS/ES 277: Environmental Sustainability in Japan – abroad (canceled)

AS/ES 396: Environmental Research in Japan – abroad (canceled)

AS/RE254: Jesus on the Indian Road

Spring 2021

ART 259: Arts of China

AS/RE 289: Buddhism, Peace and Justice

HIST 251: Revolutionary China

PHIL117: Confucius, Buddha and Socrates

PSCI245: Asian Regionalism

PSCI350: Immigration and Citizenship (seminar)