Passive sentences ( Genki II Chapter 21)

Passive Sentences

When you are inconvenienced by something somebody else has done, you can express your dissatisfaction using the passive sentence.

Basic make up of a passive sentence:


(victim)は (villian)に (evil act).

I had my car used by a friend.

The victim is affected by an event. Marked with the particle は or が.

The villian preforms an action which causes the suffering. Marked with に.

The evil act is described with the passive form of a verb.

Forming passive verb forms:

ruverbs: Drop the final -ru and add -rare-ru :食べる -> 食べられる

u-verbs: Drop the final -u and add -are-ru : はなす -> はなされる

irregular verbs:する -> される くる -> こられる

Passive forms of verbs conjugate as regular ruverb.