Board of Regents

The St. Olaf College Board of Regents establishes and advances the mission and strategic priorities of the college. The Board oversees the college’s academic quality and fiscal integrity, ensuring the college’s ability to accomplish its purposes both now and in the future. Key Board responsibilities include appointing and assessing the performance of the college president; approving tenure for faculty members; approving and monitoring the college’s strategic plan; reviewing and approving the college’s annual budget and long-term financial plans; assuring the quality, integrity, and sustainability of the college’s buildings and grounds; and monitoring student outcomes, community well-being, and institutional effectiveness.

The Board’s organization and operations are governed by the college’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.  In addition, the Board’s statement on its core Commitments, Competencies, and Composition guides its governance practices and the selection of new Regents.

The Board meets three times during the academic year, normally in October, February, and May. In addition to participating in these meetings, each Regent serves on one or more committees focused on various aspects of the college’s academic programs, community life, governance, and physical and fiscal resources.


All Regents with voting franchise are either appointed or elected to the Board by its current members.  Two Regents hold appointed positions, one as a recent graduate of the college and the other as a liaison to the college’s alumni organization.  The remaining Regents are elected to six-year terms that normally commence at the October Board meeting in the year of their election.  They may be re-elected to a second six-year term.

Officers of the Board

Chair: Jay Lund ’81
Vice Chair: Susan Gunderson ’79
Secretary: Jo M. Beld (non-Regent staff member)
Treasurer: Paul Grangaard P ’18

Regent Information

David R. Anderson ’74
St. Olaf College
Northfield, Minnesota

Marvin Benton ’75
Elected 2021; Term 1 concludes 2026
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Colonel (Ret.)
U.S. Army
Rockwall, Texas

Jeffrey W. Bolton
Elected 2016; Term 1 concludes 2022
Retired Vice President, Administration
Chief Administrative Officer
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, Minnesota

Gregory L. Buck ’77
Elected 2011; Term 2 concludes 2023
Productivity, Inc.
Plymouth, Minnesota

Sean A. Burress ’94
Elected 2019; Term 1 concludes 2025
Senior Director – Global Research, Media and Analytics
Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Romeoville, Illinois

Craig Dean ’78
Elected 2022; Term 1 concludes 2027
Managing Principal
AEG Partners, LLC.
Chicago, Illinois

Joan Ericksen ’76
Elected 2020; Term 1 concludes 2025
Senior United States District Judge
U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Stephanie L. Fehr ’87
Elected 2019; Term 1 concludes 2025
Executive Vice President and Chief Human Capital Officer
United Healthcare
Minnetonka, Minnesota

Rev. William O. Gafkjen ’79
Elected 2011; Term 2 concludes 2023
Indiana-Kentucky Synod
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)
Indianapolis, Indiana

Paul D. Grangaard P ’18
Elected 2018; Term 1 concludes 2024
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Faribault Woolen Mill Co.
Retired CEO/President and Advisor
Allen Edmonds Corporation
Edina, Minnesota

Susan Gunderson ’79
Elected 2015; Term 2 concludes 2027
Retired Chief Executive Officer
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jennifer Hellman ’98
Elected 2018; Term 1 concludes 2024
COO & Principal
Goff Public
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Chad Jerdee ’90
Elected 2022; Term 1 concludes 2027
Retired Global Lead, Responsible Business, Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship
Accenture, Inc.
Chicago, Illinois

Christopher Klein P ’19
Elected 2020; Term 1 concludes 2025
Retired Executive Chair of the Board
Fortune Brands Home and Security, Inc.
Deerfield, Illinois

Ward Klein ’77
Elected 2014; Term 2 concludes 2026
Retired Executive Chairman
Edgewell Personal Care
Chesterfield, Missouri

Jay Lund ’81 (Board Chair)
Elected 2012; Term 2 concludes 2024
President and CEO
Chairman of the Board
Andersen Corporation
Oak Park Heights, Minnesota

Timothy Maudlin ’73
Elected 2012; Term 2 concludes 2024
Retired Venture Capitalist
Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Brenda McCormick ’89
Appointed 2020; appointment concludes 2023
CFO and Senior Vice President
Children’s Minnesota
Edina, Minnesota

Laurie Nordquist ’81
Elected 2020; Term 1 concludes 2026
CEO and Lead Region President for the Upper Midwest
Wells Fargo Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Scott Okuno ’85
Elected 2020; Term 1 concludes 2025
Professor of Oncology
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, Minnesota

John R. Raitt
Elected 2016; Term 1 concludes 2022
Retired Partner, President & CEO
Harris Associates L.P.
Wilmette, Illinois

Theresa Hull Wise ’89
Elected 2013; Term 2 concludes 2025
Retired Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Delta Airlines
Bloomington, Minnesota

Mariem Zaghdoudi ’20
Appointed 2022; appointment concludes 2025
Bioeconomy Program Senior Specialist
Great Plains Institute
Brooklyn, New York

Senior Regents

Senior Regents (non-voting) are former Board members elected by current Regents in recognition of their sustained and significant service to the Board and to the college.

Dean L. Buntrock ’55
Elected Senior Regent 1995
Regent, 1972 – 1986
Board Chair, 1986 – 1995

B. Kristine Olson Johnson ’73
Elected Senior Regent 2017
Regent, 1973 – 1986, 1989 – 1992, and 2001 – 2013
Board Chair, 2013 – 2016

Martin E. Marty
Elected Senior Regent 2002
Regent, 1988 – 1994
Board Chair, 1994 – 2001 

Addison “Tad” Piper
Elected Senior Regent 2015
Regent, 1999 – 2014
Board Chair, 2010 – 2013

Larry Stranghoener ’76
Elected Senior Regent 2020
Regent, 2005 – 2020
Board Chair, 2016 – 2018

O. Jay Tomson ’58
Elected Senior Regent 2010
Regent, 1995 – 2006
Board Chair, 2006 – 2010 

Jerrol M. Tostrud ’60
Elected Senior Regent 2011
Regent, 1996 – 2001
Board Chair, 2001 – 2006