2016-17 Mid-Cycle Assurance Review

The 2016-17 academic year constituted Year 4 of the ten-year accreditation cycle for St. Olaf, requiring the college to undergo a mid-cycle “Assurance Review” to determine whether it continues to meet the Higher Learning Commission’s Criteria for Accreditation.  The college submitted its accreditation narrative and supporting evidence to the HLC in Fall 2016.

St. Olaf Assurance Argument - November 2016

A team of higher education professionals appointed by the HLC conducted a peer review of these materials and determined that St. Olaf continues to meet the HLC’s accreditation criteria.  The Higher Learning Commission accepted the peer review team’s report; no follow-up reports or other corrective institutional actions are required prior to the college’s next Comprehensive Evaluation for reaffirmation of accreditation in 2022-23.

Peer Review Team Report - December 2016

The next phase in the college’s accreditation cycle will be the development and submission of a Quality Initiative Proposal to the Higher Learning Commission sometime between Fall 2017 (the beginning of Year 5 in the ten-year cycle) and Spring 2020 (the end of Year 7).

St. Olaf Accreditation Working Group (accreditation@stolaf.edu ):
Jo Beld, Vice President for Mission and St. Olaf Accreditation Liaison Officer
Mara Benjamin, Associate Professor of Religion
Susan Canon, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Marina Edlund, Administrative Assistant for Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Laura Maki, Associate Director for Educational Research and Assessment
Steve McKelvey, Registrar and Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Professor of Mathematics