College Goals for the Academic Year 2020-21

College Goals 2021-22


Goal I: Provide safe in-person teaching, learning, and co-curricular programs throughout the academic year.
Goal II: Achieve the Enrollment Plan for 2022-23.
Goal III: Achieve the Advancement Plan.
Goal IV: Achieve the FY 2021-22 budget.
Goal V: Advance diversity, equity, and inclusion by acting on recommendations from the Co-Creating an Inclusive Community initiative, the Anti-Racism Training evaluations, and the studies of the experiences of BIPOC faculty and BIPOC staff, and report on our work to our institutional accreditors.
Goal VI: Design and implement a Compensation Philosophy and a Total Compensation Strategy based upon it.
Goal VII: Implement a Request for Proposals for St. Olaf’s health plan and a Request for Information and TIAA review for St. Olaf’s retirement plans.
Goal VIII: Continue to implement the Ole Avenue Project.
Goal IX: Begin construction of the St. Olaf House (new residence for the President) with a completion schedule of Summer 2023.
Goal X: Engage the college community in the Board of Regent’s visioning process, and in the implementation of one or more of its recommendations.


Approved by the St. Olaf College Board of Regents, October 2021