History (HIST)

The habits of critical inquiry and the deep appreciation for the varieties of human experience across time and space that are developed in studying history provide the basis for a wide range of professional and personal vocations.

Typical First Year Schedule

  • FYS 120 or WRIT 120 or Conversation Program
  • World Language
  • HIST 121, HIST 126, HIST 188A, B, or C, HIST 190, HIST 198, HIST 211, HIST 239, HIST 250, HIST 277, HIST 282, HIST 288, HIST 299A, B, C or D
  • OLE Core/Elective
  • HIST 101, HIST 188, HIST 189
  • FYS 120 or WRIT 120 or Conversation Program
  • World Language
  • HIST 140, HIST 165, HIST 188, HIST 193, HIST 199, HIST 231, HIST 251, HIST 253, HIST 271, HIST 288
  • OLE Core/Elective
Additional Information

Students are strongly encouraged to take Level 100 and 200 courses which feature a wide range of topics and center on the critical interrogation of primary sources in context.

*All Level 200 History courses (except the 200 Seminars, or those that carry WAC) are appropriate for first-year students.

  • Students may apply one credit toward the major if they get a score of 5 on the AP World, U.S., or European History exams.
  • Students may count one course that bears the Global Histories (GH) CORE General Education credit taught at St. Olaf, but offered by another department, toward the major as an elective.  Please consult your advisor and/or the History Department Chair with any questions.
  • Placement is not applicable to the History major.

History Department Chair – Anna Kuxhausen ()