Students who are not nursing majors interested in pursuing a Nurse Practitioner degree or a Masters of Science in nursing most often will need to complete the following pre-requisites: Bio 143 and 243 or Bio 247 and 266, Bio 231, Nurs 110, Psych 125, Psych 241, Stat 212.

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Typical First Year Schedule

  • WRIT 111 or REL 121 or Conversation Program
  • Foreign Language
  • PSYCH or SOAN  (see planning sheet)
  • GE/Elective
  • NURS 110 (FY or Soph)
  • WRIT 111 or REL 121 or Conversation Program
  • Foreign Language
  • PSYCH or SOAN (see planning sheet)
  • BIO 121
Additional Information

MSN has two paths, one for undergrads who majored in nursing and another for career changers with a college degree in something other than nursing. This latter path is the one I work with. Pre-reqs are most often:

  1. Biology 143 and Biology 243 (a year of human anatomy and physiology)
  2. Psych 125, Developmental Psychology and Psychpathology (the last is not always required)
  3. Nutrition
  4. Microbiology (but only the offerings in which microbiology appears in the title of the course
  5. Statistics
  • Not applicable.
  • Not applicable.
Informational Events

Nurses week in May.
Nursing major social events in fall and spring.


Dept Vice-Chair of Nursing: Mary Beth Kuehn ( for nursing majors
Professor of Biology: Kevin Crisp ( for non-nursing majors

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