Social Studies Education

The field of social studies education demands reflective practitioners with a broad foundation in the liberal arts and specific knowledge in each of the seven disciplines. The social studies education major equips students with this core content knowledge while also providing multiple opportunities for critical thinking about the various ways we construct knowledge and communicate the human experience.

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Typical First Year Schedule

  • FYS 120 or WRIT 120 or Conversation Program
  • PSYCH 125
  • HIST 198
  • HIST 199
  • World Language
  • OLE Core/Elective
  • FYS 120 or WRIT 120 or Conversation Program
  • ECON 121
  • SOAN 128
  • OLE Core/Elective
Additional Information

Students should focus on general education requirements (and a prospective teaching major, if also pursuing teaching licensure) during the first year.

Students should take EDUC 295: Foundations of Education during sophomore year.

Students need to meet with Courtney Humm, Director of Social Studies Education Program, during their first year or fall semester of their sophomore year.

Students do not need to apply to the Education Department Program if only pursuing the major without any additional licensures.

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Informational Events

Information Session during New Student Orientation

April Information Session


Instructor in Education – Courtney Humm (