Ellingson Hall

Ellingson HallEllingson Hall, housing 186 students, is a four-story building that serves as the central location for students in the Great Conversation program. This setting provides an intellectual atmosphere as well as an excellent chance for socialization and the development of a core group of friends. Great Con students represent about one-third of Ellingson residents and typically room with students who are not in the program.

Virtual Tour

If you would like to take a virtual tour of a double room in Ellingson Hall please try one the following panoramic images below. You can zoom in and out and rotate through the panoramas. This shows what previous students have done with their personal belongings in decorating their room with college furniture – Ellingson Hall. All Residence hall rooms are equipped with extra long twin beds, dressers, desks, desk chairs, and neutral colored drapes.

Ellingson, double room, two beds lofted

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Ellingson, double room, two beds lofted with an added personal futon

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All Ellingson Hall resident room dimensions are 13’6″ x 12′

Hall Staff 2018 – 2019

Area Coordinator

Emily Butts
Office Telephone  

Student Staff

Junior Counselors (JCs)

First Floor North Corridor
Adam Boldenow bolden2@stolaf.edu
Alex Davies davies2@stolaf.edu

First Floor South Corridor
Simon Malotky malotk2@stolaf.edu
Glenn Mayer mayer4@stolaf.edu

Second Floor North Corridor
Kavya Devgun devgun1@stolaf.edu
Salem Weitzenhoffer weitze2@stolaf.edu

Second Floor South Corridor
Aziza El Banna elbann2@stolaf.edu
Eliza Melkonyan melkon1@stolaf.edu 

Third Floor North Corridor
Elvis Haisa haisa1@stolaf.edu
Derrick Shema shema1@stolaf.edu

Third Floor South Corridor
David Antwi antwi1@stolaf.edu
Henry Jetmore jetmor1@stolaf.edu

Fourth Floor North Corridor
Sakura Honda honda2@stolaf.edu
Wincy Phine Mejias mejias2@stolaf.edu

Fourth Floor South Corridor
Delaney Loken loken2@stolaf.edu
Jazmin Sunderland sunder3@stolaf.edu

Building Assistant (BA)

Madison Reichel reiche2@stolaf.edu

Please contact the Ellingson Hall Building Assistant by email if you need some special assistance with the Ellingson Hall front desk or would like to reserve a lounge in Ellingson Hall for your future activity.

 Ellingson Hall Front Desk Reception 507-786-2864