Hoyme Hall

Hoyme HallHoyme Hall is a four-story hall housing 210 first-year students. The main lounge provides a striking view of the surrounding countryside as well as a wonderful space for studying and socializing. Students in the American Conversation program live in Hoyme.

Floor Plans and Tour

Virtual Tour
If you would like to take a virtual tour of a double room in Hoyme Hall please zoom in and out and rotate through the panorama below. This shows what previous students have done with their personal belongings in decorating their room with college furniture in Hoyme Hall. Hoyme Hall did undergo an extensive renovation the summer of 2012. The panorama will give the basic look and size of a room. All Residence hall rooms are equipped with beds, extra long twin mattresses, dressers, desks, desk chairs, and neutral colored drapes.

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Room Dimensions

Hoyme doubles: 13’6″ x 12′; triples (100, 300, 400): 14′ x 19’8″ in the main area and 6′ x 10’9″ in the side room off of the main room (used as a closet/storage area).

 Hoyme Hall Front Desk Reception 507-786-2503


Hall Staff 2019-2020

Area Coordinator
“Alex” Miller
Office Telephone 507-581-1934
E-mail miller45@stolaf.edu

Student Staff

Student Hall Coordinator (SHC)
Second Floor
Jonah Schmitz schmit5@stolaf.edu

Junior Counselors (JCs)
First Floor
Anurag Solanki solank1@stolaf.edu
Dumitru “Dima” Tukan tukan1@stolaf.edu

 Second Floor
Anna Mulhern mulher2@stolaf.edu
Sophia Rice rice4@stolaf.edu

Third Floor
Rodrigo Escobar escoba3@stolaf.edu
Mirko Michovich michov1@stolaf.edu

Fourth Floor
Aziza El Banna elbann2@stolaf.edu
Pajai Vue vue7@stolaf.edu

 Building Assistant (BA)
Natalie Keyes keyes1@stolaf.edu

Please contact the Hoyne Hall Building Assistant by email if you need some special assistance with the Hoyme Hall front desk or would like to reserve a lounge in Hoyme Hall for your future activity.

 Hoyme Hall Front Reception Desk 507-786-2503