St. Olaf Laundry Facilities

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All of the college residence halls and honor houses have laundry facilities within each building. Where the washers and dryers are located depends upon the buildings layout; it could be in a room off or near the bathroom, on the floor or corridor, or in a separate room all together.

The washers and dryers are relatively new machines who owned and maintained by Coinmach in joint operation with ASI Campus Laundry Solutions.  The washer and dryers are High Efficiency Speed Queen® machines. The Speed Queen® brand of machines are a leader in providing sustainability equipment that greatly reduces water, sewage, and energy costs.  All of these machines are of the front loading style.

Proper measurement laundry soap in these High Efficiency washers is must, in order to get the proper laundering capabilities from these machines. Here is an example of suggested laundry soap, that has pre-measured packets for easy washing process; Dropps®, please check-out their website,

When there is a problem with a washer or dryer report the concern at –  Please have the machine ID# available.  You may also download the Coinmach App so you can scan a QR code on the machine and make a report. A service technician is generally out to repair the machine with 24-hours of your call.

General Laundry Tips

  • Do not slam washer and dryer doors. Slamming will damage the door sensors, which will not allow the machines to operate.
  • Leave washer doors open when laundry is finished to allow air to circulate in the tub and reduce odor.
  • Empty your pockets. Your items will be lost and will damage the equipment.
  • Sort clothes by fabric type, color and degree of soiling.
  • Always check tags and labels for special instruction and warnings before washing.
  • Do not recommend the 3-in-1 laundry detergent / fabric softener sheets for washer through dryer use; they often get sucked into the pumps on the washer, and the washers quit working.

Steps for Washing

    • Load the Washtub.  Without OVER FILLING, loosely put dry clothes into the washtub. Clothes will not be able to spin or be cleaned thoroughly if the washtub is overfilled.
    • Add Detergent.  Liquid “HE” high efficiency soap is preferred.  Use ¼ the amount suggested as additional soap may remain on clothing. Pour the detergent and other liquids into the tray in the washer.
    • Choose Fabric Type to determine if the fabric is normal, permanent press or delicate.
    • Select the Water Temperature. As a general rule, wash whites in hot or warm water, permanent press fabrics in warm water and colors in cold.
    • Press the Flashing Start Button to begin washing.

Note: The door will lock and cannot be opened until the wash cycle finishes.

Steps of Drying

    • Clean the lint filter of the dryer to improve drying. Place clothes into the dryer and close the door.
    • Add dryer sheets to help reduce static cling and add softness to fabrics.
    • Set the temperature.  Use high heat for normal fabric and low hear for delicate.

Note: You can open the door to check you laundry at any time during the dry cycle. Be sure to press the start button to continue the cycle.

Tips & Tools for Common Stains
Ink:  Apply hairspray and rub with dry cloth, then add rubbing alcohol on the area before washing.
Grease:  Soak in club soda.
Coffee:  Pour boiling water through the stain.
Grass:  Rub detergent into stain with bleach that is safe for fabric.
Ketchup:  Soak in cold water and rub detergent into the stain then wash.
Mustard:  Work glycerin into stain or sponge with rubbing alcohol, then wash.