Mellby Hall

Mellby HallMellby Hall houses 190 students in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Mellby is the oldest hall on campus and its historic appeal truly stands out. It features a kitchen, TV lounge, computer facilities and a large, comfortable main lounge and fireplace.

Floor Plans

Virtual Tour

This virtual tour panorama shows what previous students have done with their personal belongings in decorating their room with college furniture in Mellby Hall. You can zoom in and out and rotate through the panorama. All Residence hall rooms are equipped with extra long twin beds, dressers, desks, desk chairs, and neutral colored drapes.

Mellby – double room 4th floor

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Room Dimensions

The room dimensions for Mellby Hall are all 12′ x 12′ unless the room numbers are listed here with their individual dimensions. Rooms 1 and 3 are 15’6″ x 9’3″, room 2 is 16′ x 16′, room 5 is 23’10” x 15’5″, rooms 101, 201, 301, and 401 are 17’7″ x 12′, rooms 115 and 315 are 14’4″ x 13′, rooms 206, 306, 406 are 11’7″ x 12′, rooms 224 and 324 are 23′ x 9’7″, rooms 227 and 327 are 16′ x 11′, room 228 is 12′ x 22′, and room 424 is 23′ x 9′.

Hall Staff 2019-2020

Area Coordinator
Tianna Thompson
Office Telephone 507-581-4555

Student Staff

Resident Assistants (RAs)
First Floor
Derrick Shema

Ground and Second Floor
Lacy Williams

Third Floor
Daaé Ransom

Fourth Floor
Sam Mast

Building Assistant (BA)
Helena Webster

Please contact the Mellby Hall Building Assistant by email if you need some special assistance with the Mellby Hall front desk or would like to reserve a lounge in Mellby Hall for your future activity.

Mellby Hall Front Desk Reception 507-786-2502