Student Life Strategic Plan

Division of Student Life


The Division of Student Life supports the Mission of St. Olaf College by fostering a community that promotes intellectual, ethical, spiritual, physical and social development of students; and is responsive to their evolving needs.


Genuine care for students, inclusivity, teamwork, integrity, quality, innovation, consistency

Guiding Vision

  •       Create opportunities for students to live in an inclusive community
  •       Promote health and safety of community members
  •       Serve as a catalyst for student involvement
  •       Teach personal responsibility, holding students accountable to community standards and each other
  •       Develop leadership skills and abilities in students

Strategic Goals

Goal 1 – Champion Student Success

  • Provide institutional strategies and support for fostering a healthy and inclusive campus community
  • Prepare students to be successful in and out of the classroom

Goal 2 – Construct a Culture of Assessment

  • Provide guidance and training regarding assessment goals, timeline and measurement
  • Using assessment data demonstrate student growth and engagement June, 2020
  • Initiate an assessment cycle

Goal 3 – Commit to Excellence

  • Disseminate clear and effective division communication strategies – both internal and external
  • Promote professional staff participation in regular training and on-going development