Expect Respect

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Expect Respect

An Interpersonal Violence Prevention Workshop Series

Pilot Workshop Participants
Expect Respect is a 6-hour interpersonal violence prevention workshop series created by St. Olaf students and staff and aimed at preventing interpersonal violence at the community level. The peer-facilitated series will explore the intersectional nature of sex, culture, and violence to provide participants with the realistic tools necessary to create and foster a safe environment. Throughout the workshop, videos, role-plays, and other interactive exercises are utilized to help participants apply the concepts in the curriculum to their own lives.

Session Topics

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Upcoming Workshops

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LO 1

Gain an understanding on the systemic causes of interpersonal violence.

LO 2

Reflect on individual personal and cultural experiences impacting human to human interactions.

LO 3

Develop communication skills related to sexual autonomy.

LO 4

Learn tools and resources for preventing interpersonal violence.