Taking Action


Pledge to take small, actionable steps towards preventing sexual violence.

10 ways to Prevent Sexual Violence

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Each action step includes a multitude of resources for learning. These cultivated resources are not exhaustive nor are they an endorsement for specific writers or organizations.

Be part of the solution and take the #imthechange Pledge

How to participate


Take time to think about the question, “What am I doing on a daily basis to prevent sexual violence?”


Review the 10 ways to prevent sexual assault strategies and commit to one strategy you want to implement by signing the pledge form.

Pledge form


Encourage others in your life to take this pledge and commit to preventing sexual violence.


You know yourself best, use techniques (or a template) that are helpful to you to hold yourself accountable for at least 21 days.


After practicing your commitment for 21 days, complete the #imthechange Form for a pledge sticker.

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