St. Olaf Choir Tour Promotion

Local Volunteer Opportunities

The St. Olaf Choir has long relied on volunteers in the local communities to play a role in the promotion of the concerts on tour.

If you are interested in being a part of the planning team please contact Natalie Anderson.

Below are some examples of how you can help:

Download an e-flyer and press release from Press & Media.

  • Distribute posters and flyers (created by St. Olaf) in your area

    • Location examples: businesses near the concert venue, heavily traffic areas, music stores, college music buildings/student centers, music schools, coffee shops, community centers, office break rooms
  • Help identify special groups for targeted promotion

    • Musical groups (e.g. youth and adult community ensembles, music academies, music clubs)
    • Non-musical groups (e.g. Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis)
  • Ask churches to promote to their congregation

    • List in Sunday bulletin and in newsletters
    • Announce during Sunday services
    • Insert flyers (St. Olaf can provide) into Sunday bulletins or set a stack in high-traffic areas
  • Ask school directors to promote to their students and parents

    • Directors can forward St. Olaf-created promotional emails and digital flyers
    • Encourage sharing event info on social media
    • Note: Student tickets are $10, and special student group pricing is available
  • Promote on social media

    • Share the official Facebook event on your personal channels
    • Share event information on other channels (Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Promote via traditional media

    • Help identify major media outlets (print, radio, TV)
    • Help identify non-major media (local papers, etc.)
    • Contact outlets if you have a personal connection that would yield a better result than a “cold call” from St. Olaf