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Annually, St. Olaf College has roughly 1,800 students participated in the work study program with more than 3,400 job offers during the academic year.  Students may work in positions linked to various departments, programs, and initiatives on and off-campus.

Community Based Student Employment

Community Based Student Employment allows students with a Federal (FWS) or State (SWS) funded work award to work with one of St. Olaf’s community partners.  The program provides financial aid assistance through real-world work experiences and personal and professional growth with community organizations.

If you’re not current a partner, please contact the Student Employment Program Office to discuss a potential partnership.

External/Miscellaneous/Non-St. Olaf Affiliated Jobs

Job opportunities outside of the St. Olaf Student Employment program can be found here. These jobs are not a part of the work study program is not subject to the oversight of the college.

Make sure to check out Northfield Shares under the “public postings” tab on the right side of the page to see what job opportunities are available!

FAQ About Student Employment