The George Floyd Fellowship for Social Change

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The George Floyd Fellowship for Social Change directly supports the advancement of Black American students.

The purpose of the George Floyd Fellowship is to directly support the advancement and development of the Black/African-American community in the United States whose populations reflect the social, political and economic barriers creating the conditions leading to the police involved killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, MN on May 25, 2020. Students participating in the fellowship will work towards improving the collective experience of these marginalized communities by focusing on and advancing the work of racial justice, social justice and equity within the academic and/or pedagogical framework.

The 2021-2022 George Floyd Fellowship was supported in part by Kris Johnson ‘73, Rob Johnson and the Krisbin Foundation, who established the Johnson Family Opportunity Fund in 2014 to promote equity and access to career-enhancing opportunities for students with high financial need, especially those who are first generation college students. 



 2023-2024 fellowship applications ARE closed
The program provides fellows with leadership development opportunities, mentoring, and stipends supporting internships or research projects, costs associated with travel to conferences, and educational materials.

Past Fellowship Recipients and their Projects:


Kay Kay Lewis22


Isaac Coutier 22
Tashonna Douglas 21
Dezzy Newell 22
Joshua Wyatt 21