Student Employment

Students are involved in many operation areas of the building. They greet people and provide assistance at the Information Desk, help guests with reservations in the Administration Office, and assist with technology and set-ups as needed.

Info Desk Assistant – works primarily at the desk in the Crossroads space.

Administrative Staff – shifts available from 3pm – 8pm, M-F, in the Buntrock Scheduling Office. Students with prior experience as a Buntrock staffer are given priority.

Building Manger - is a student with prior experience as a Buntrock staffer. Responsible for hiring, scheduling, and training peers. Applications for Building Managers are available to current staff.

Applications open for fall 2014 are due by April 2, 2014.  Interviews will begin on April 4.  Hiring decisions will be made by April 25. The first mandatory training day is Saturday, May 3, 2014.

Students should complete this application. (The link will only be live if there are positions available)

Summer Employment

There are some hours available for summer.  Students available for the entire summer will be given preference in hiring.
Job Description
Summer Application (The link will only be live if there are positions available)

Return to Kris Vatter, BC 107, by March 28.

Student positions may also be available in other areas.   The Lion’s Pause is entirely student-run; applications available here.