Program Review

The program review process is designed to sustain and strengthen the contributions of departments and programs to student learning, scholarly and artistic work, and the mission of the college as a whole.  With the benefit of feedback from professional peers, programs set both short-term and long-term priorities for improvement, and disseminate their mission, vision, accomplishments, and future plans to others.

Program review uses
How program faculty and college administrators can use program review for decision-making, collaboration, and improvement

Program review procedures and timelines
Information about the major steps involved in planning and carrying out a program review

Arrangements for external reviewers
Planning the schedule, distribution of the self-study, and compensation procedures for the external reviewers

Planning the self-study
Suggestions for setting the agenda for a self-study

Self-study content and information resources
A description of the major elements of a self-study

Relevant college-wide documents
Links to the college mission statement, the Faculty Manual, and other college documents providing helpful context for external evaluators

Relevant data resources
List of program-level and college-wide data provided annually to academic department and program chairs by IR&E and the Office of the Registrar, for use in self-studies