Courses that Count

2014 -15 Fall Courses

American Studies 100: Perspectives in American Culture
Art 104: Foundations in New Media
Art 205: Photography
Art 229: Digital Film Making
Art 256: History of Photography
Art 398: Game Design
Asian Studies 230: History of Anime
Computer Science 300: Mobile Web Graphics
English 275: Literature and Film
English 285: Digital Rhetoric and Media Literacy
English 296: Screenwriting
English 396: Advanced Screenwriting
Film Studies 101 Introduction to Film Studies
Management Studies 229:Arts Management
Management Studies 250: Marketing
Media 160: Mass Media
Media 260: Media and Contemporary Culture

2014 – 15 Interim Courses



2014 – 15 Spring Courses

Art 104: Foundations in New Media
Art 205: Photography
Art 228: Animated Art
Art 277: Gender and Visual Culture
English 399: Business Writing
Film 101: Introduction to Film Studies
Management Studies 250: Marketing
Media 160: Mass Media
Media 360: Media and Globalization



The following courses are offered annually or biannually: Additional courses that count for media studies may be offered on a periodic or one-time basis. Students interested in having a course approved for media studies should consult the program director.

American Studies100: Perspectives in American Culture
Art/Asian Studies 270: Visual Culture/Modern China
Art 205: Photography
Art 236: Graphic Design
Art 228: Animated Art
Art 229: Video Art
Art 239: Video Art Production
Art 256: History of Photography
Art/Asian Studies 270: Visual Culture and Modern China
Asian Studies 156: Contemporary China Through Film
Asian Studies 230: Philosophy of Anime
Dance 150: Movement, the Camera, and the Creative Process
English 275: Literature and Film
English 285: Digital Rhetorics and New Media Literacies
English 289: Journalistic Writing
English 291: Intermediate Creative Nonfiction Writing
English 296: Screenwriting
Exercise Science Theory: Sport Ethics in Society
Film 101: Introduction to Film Studies
Film 201: American Film History
German 249: German Cinema
History 182: America Since World War II
History 290: Reel America: U.S. History in Film
Management Studies 229: Arts Management
Management Studies 250: Marketing
Music 225: Music in the Electronic Medium
Nursing 120: Images of Wellness
Physics 252: Musical Acoustics
Political Science 211: Media and Politics
Religion 121: The Bible in Cuture and Community (per approval of Program Director)
Sociology/Anthropology 264: Race and Class in American Culture (with approval of Program Director)
Writing 275: Writing for Performance

The following courses, offered occasionally, are approved when they have media-related content:

American Conversations 202: Pursuits of Happiness, 1920-Present
American Studies 100: American Culture: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
American Studies 301: Seminar
Art 246: New York Art Interim
Art 253: Art Since 1945
English 266: Romanticism and Rock Music
French 250: Speaking of French
French 272: Contemporary France
History 375: Problems of Contemporary America
Management Studies 250: Marketing
Media 220: Cybercultures
Religion 121: The Bible in Culture and Community, the “Bible as Screen Play” and “Jesus at the Movies”
Russian Language and Area Studies 254: Russian Culture and Civilization 
Russian Language and Area Studies 265: Introduction to Russian and Soviet Film (in English translation)
Russian Language and Area Studies 372: The Russian Press 
Writing 111: “Image and Language”