FMS Connections Trips



Career Focus Areas: Consulting, Finance, Social Impact, Media & Advertising

“I was able to get an idea of what sets each consulting company apart, which was really helpful because I could only truly do that by talking with employees of the company and being in the company environment.”


Los Angeles

Career Focus Areas: Media and Film

“I got much more information about what I need to do in order to pursue my career interests in film. It has also helped alleviate my fears around moving to LA. I feel more confident.”

“This trip allowed me to see the variety of opportunities available outside of the popular roles known to most of the general public.”


New York City

Career Focus Areas: Finance, Journalism/Publishing, Performing Arts

“Thank you so much for putting this trip together. It was one of the best experiences I have had at St. Olaf and I encourage everyone to take part in a Connections trip.”