Major Requirements

10 Courses Required for the FMS Major

A major in Film and Media Studies consists of 10 courses: FMS 101: Introduction to Film Studies, FMS 140: Film History or FMS 160: The Media Landscape, FMS  280: Film and Media Theory, FMS 220:Film and Media Production, plus six (6) additional courses, one of which must be a production course and one of which must be a 300-level course.  At least two of the four remaining electives must be courses offered by the program.

Students may petition to have courses that are not designated as approved courses count toward the major.  Both the course instructor and director of the program must grant their approval in such a situation.

No more than two courses from other institutions may count toward the major.

For More Information on Requirements

Student must take THREE core courses offered by the program. FMS 101 and 280 are required. Students can choose between FMS 140 and FMS 160.


Students must take at least TWO of these courses offered by the program. The courses below rotate topics and may be taken up to three times.


Students may choose TWO of their following electives from courses offered by other programs and departments. At least one of these courses must be a 200-level course. Courses that are not offered regularly will require approval from the director.


Additional Elective Courses Offered (Continued) & Study Abroad Opportunity

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Two Production Courses: ONE must be FILM 220 and ONE may be taken from the following courses offered inside and outside of the program.


One 300-Level Course