Academic Internships

An academic internship is a planned, supervised, experiential learning project integrating study and practical work. As a credit-bearing experience it allows students to acquire and apply knowledge through direct experience in a field related to their academic program. The academic internship is intended to integrate on-site learning with the knowledge base of a related discipline. Academic integrity is assured through established department/program criteria, faculty supervision, an academic internship learning plan, and guidance from the The Piper Center for Vocation and Career. (St. Olaf Academic Catalog)


Credit Options

  •  For 1.0 credit, internship plus academic work must total a minimum of 160 hours (120 devoted to the internship).
  • For 0.5 credit, internship plus academic work must total a minimum of 100 hours (80 devoted to the internship).
  • For 0.25 credit, internship plus academic work must total a minimum of 65 hours (55 devoted to the internship).
  • The academic internship counts as an elective credit and does not fulfill GE requirements. It can sometimes be counted toward the major or concentration (with approval from the department chair/program director).

Categories of Organizations Include:

  • Music/Radio (CBS Radio, Columbia Records, and Minnesota Public Radio)
  • Broadcasting (NBC Universal and St. Paul Neighborhood Network)
  • Public Relations/Communications (St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and Estée Lauder)
  • Publishing (Alive Magazine, Her Own Words, Hallmark Cards, and National Geographic Books)
  • St. Olaf (Communications, The Manitou Messenger, and the Theatre Department)
  • Video Production (Dr. Phil and Warner Bros. Pictures)
  • Miscellaneous (Pfizer, Inc., Teach for America, World Food Processing)
Bronwyn Redvers-Lee

Start Your Internship Search Process

  1. Create a resume and cover letter.
  2. Search for internships that align with your goals and interests.
  3. Apply for positions.
  4. Once position is secured, request an experience on Handshake.
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