Public Remarks

Daily Chapel Talk
May 11, 2015
President Anderson reflects on the story of Jonah and the whale and its lessons for daily life.

Minnesota Public Radio Friday Roundtable
May 8, 2015
President Anderson joined MPR host Kerri Miller and two other college and university presidents in a discussion of higher education today and Kevin Carey’s new book The End of College: Creating the Future of Learning and the University of Everywhere. Listen to the archived broadcast.

Daily Chapel Talk
September 9, 2014
President Anderson reflects on the Parable of the Five Talents and its relevance to the beginning of a new academic year, urging students to think of their time at St. Olaf as both an investment in the future and an opportunity to consider how best to go about employing the gifts and talents that are accorded each of us.

All-Alumni Convocation Address
May 31, 2014
President Anderson provided an overview of the graduating and incoming classes at St. Olaf and the financial state of the college. In his comments to alumni, he laid out the economic realities facing St. Olaf and other liberal arts colleges and spoke to the challenges and opportunities presented by an increasingly diverse campus community.

Daily Chapel Talk
February 17, 2014
President Anderson discusses the choices presented in Deuteronomy 30:15-20 and challenges all to make a commitment to the task of aligning our actions with God’s vision for us and for God’s creation.

Address to the Annual Nordic American Breakfast
November 26, 2013
President Anderson is asked to speak on the topic of “Family and Friends” and discusses Norwegian heritage in the context of contemporary American life.

Dedication of the Reconstructed Art Barn
November 7, 2013
“The Art Barn, reconstructed as a classroom, a retreat center, a gathering place, a portal to the Natural Lands, a model of sustainability, lives again to serve the College, its students and faculty, and the community around us,” said President David Anderson at dedication ceremonies for the new building.

Summit on the Hill Address
September 21, 2013
President Anderson discussed the challenges facing St. Olaf and higher education in speaking to 300 alumni volunteers participating in the annual Summit on the Hill, stressing the importance of securing the college’s identity in the face of rapid change.

All-Alumni Convocation Address
June 1, 2013
President Anderson presented alumni with an update on the state of the college, including the financial health of the institution and the configuration of the next incoming class. In doing so, he highlighted recent initiatives to restrain tuition and expenditures and to engage in closer collaboration with Carleton College to achieve greater efficiencies in college operations.

Lunchtime Live Broadcast
April 30, 2013
President Anderson discusses major enhancements to the physical plant, including an expansion of the Cage cafe in Buntrock Commons, the renovation of Hoyme and Ellingston residence halls, and the restoration of the historic Art Barn.

Daily Chapel Talk
March 18, 2013
President Anderson reminds current and prospective students in the audience that “we should think of our lives as guided and formed by and for some purpose and consequently to think of ourselves as responsible for finding that purpose and then being guided by it.”

Lunchtime Live Broadcast
February 28, 2013
President Anderson examines the challenges to higher education, including calls for transparency regarding value, affordability, and student outcomes, and the development of free MOOCS (massive,open, online courses).

Lunchtime Live Broadcast
October 18, 2012
President Anderson examines the guiding principles of Division III athletics and how well St. Olaf meets those aspirations through the performance of its student-athletes.

Daily Chapel Talk
September 19, 2012
President Anderson speaks to the Lutheran understanding of vocation and the importance of finding one’s vocation in life.

Lunchtime Live Broadcast
May 24, 2012
President Anderson describes the college’s initiative in documenting return on investment and the development of a comprehensive database on initial career placement/outcomes for Class of 2011 graduates.

Lunchtime Live Broadcast
February 3, 2012
President Anderson talks about the importance of assessment and the St. Olaf performance indicators from the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).

Daily Chapel Talk
January 11, 2012
President Anderson reflects on guilty pleasures and the promise of God’s grace.

Council of Independent Colleges Address
January 6, 2012
President Anderson discusses the challenges in making the case for a liberal arts education in today’s climate in remarks before the Council of Independent Colleges Presidents’ Meeting.

Lunchtime Live Broadcast
November 1, 2011
President Anderson provides a status report on the health of the college.

Daily Chapel Talk
September 27, 2011
Autumn is usually associated with the completion of the growing season and the fulfillment of promise. By contrast, in the academic calendar autumn is all about potential, about promise, about newness — in short, about beginnings.

All-Alumni Convocation Address
June 4, 2011
The first, most obvious, and most critical question to ask about the welfare of the College is whether there is still a sufficient demand for the experience we offer and whether we can generate enough revenue to provide that experience. The answer to both questions is yes.

Lunchtime Live Broadcast
May 20, 2011
President Anderson presents the St. Olaf Strategic Plan and answers questions about college priorities.

Daily Chapel Talk
April 7, 2011
The Do Over
As children playing games, we took advantage of a “do over” from time to time. President Anderson reminds us that God doesn’t grant do overs, but if we ask forgiveness we will experience his loving response.

Lunchtime Live Broadcast
February 3, 2011
President Anderson discusses the renovation of the old Science Center and the features of the newly renamed Tomson Hall.

Mid-Year Update
February 2, 2011
As we await the return of students for the start of semester II, President Anderson invites us to tour the newly renovated Tomson Hall and delivers a mid-year update on the state of the College.

Lunchtime Live Broadcast
October 21, 2010
In the first Lunchtime Live broadcast, President Anderson examines the finances of the college and the characteristics of the incoming class, answering questions from parents and alumni.

Daily Chapel Talk
September 14, 2010
Reflecting on the journeys that brought us to St. Olaf, the journeys of students and faculty abroad, and the journeys ahead, President Anderson reminds us that we “walk in the care of a providential God.”

Opening of the 2010–11 academic year
September 2, 2010
President Anderson opens the 2010–11 academic year with a State of the College address.

Commencement 2010
May 30, 2010
President Anderson provides the charge to the Class of 2010 at graduation.

Sammenkomst 2010
May 29, 2010
In addressing alumni at reunion, President Anderson discusses the changes that are taking place at the college and explains why St. Olaf is flourishing during difficult times.
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