St. Olaf Study Travel


Spotlight On: Cuban Discovery

St. Olaf has long been a leader in study abroad for students and for nearly 40 years we have offered study travel opportunities for alumni, parents and friends of the college. Our faculty and college leaders will guide you on a learning adventure, helping you experience a place in depth.

You can recapture the intellectual stimulation of your college days through Study Travel. Don’t just see the sights — join Study Travel and you’ll really dive into a place, learning about its history, monuments, art, literature, cultures, food, current issues. You’ll find travel with St. Olaf to be invigorating, eye opening, and enriching.

Don’t watch the world go by; be a part of it. Where will Study Travel take you?


  • “St. Olaf Study Travel administration and organization is VERY impressive. The group leader was OUTSTANDING. We were so impressed that we have already signed up for another Study Travel program.”

What did you enjoy most about the program?

  • “Experiences off the beaten track, such as going to the home and hearing a performance of a traditional Indian music and dance family. Traveling with an interesting, fun group of people.”
  • “The fine quality of all the people on the trip. The very knowledgeable guides and directors.”
  • “We are really glad we went! Thank you St. Olaf. After years of living away from Minnesota and St. Olaf, we have only had quick weekend visits with Ole friends to reestablish the feeling of Ole comraderie. We quickly regained it on this trip and have made wonderful new friends! Can’t wait to go on another St Olaf adventure!”