St. Olaf Study Travel

St. Olaf has long been a leader in study abroad for students and for nearly 40 years we have offered study travel opportunities for alumni, parents and friends of the college. Our faculty and college leaders will guide you on a learning adventure, helping you experience a place in depth.

You can recapture the intellectual stimulation of your college days through Study Travel. Don’t just see the sights — join Study Travel and you’ll really dive into a place, learning about its history, monuments, art, literature, cultures, food, current issues. You’ll find travel with St. Olaf to be invigorating, eye opening, and enriching.

Don’t watch the world go by; be a part of it. Where will Study Travel take you?

Hike, Bike and Barge the Netherlands: be active, see the spring tulips, and see first-hand the very cool sustainability projects the Dutch are carrying out. There may be other bike and barge programs out there, but none that connects you with the fascinating ways in which the Dutch are tackling sustainability issues that are important to all of us.

Time to Declutter?

You have lots of things. Now, build your experiences and memories.

Studies show that experiences make people happier than material goods. Science Daily reported, “when it comes to spending money in the pursuit of happiness, the ‘good life’ may be better lived by doing things rather than by having things, according to a University of Colorado at Boulder researcher.”

With this in mind, we invite you to stroll along Prague’s iconic Charles Bridge. Stand quietly in Melk Abbey, where you may learn to listen with your heart. Bike your way through the Netherlands, experiencing at ground level this country that fights daily to hold back the North Sea. Discuss the inspired ideas of Plato and Aristotle over ouzo in the Athens Agora, the very place where Socrates engaged his fellow citizens in philosophical dialogue. Hear the call of loons and the ripple of waves as you paddle gently through the Boundary Waters. Contemplate history’s path in the pews of Castle Church, on whose doors Martin Luther tacked the Ninety Five Theses.

Connect with people, places, history, ideas, customs, beliefs, animals, nature, literature and so much more. Enrich your life with Study Travel.

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