Travel Insurance


Some travel insurance for international Study Travel programs is included with your program fee, as follows:

  • Emergency Medical Expenses: $100,000 Each Person / Each Injury or Sickness
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation: $1,000,000 Each Person / Each Injury or Sickness
  • Medical Repatriation: $1,000,000 Each Person / Each injury or Sickness
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment: $200,000 Each Person; $2,000,000 Aggregate Any One Accident / All Persons
  • Security Evacuation: 100% of Usual and Customary Charges
  • Natural Disaster Evacuation: $100,000 limit per person / $1,000,000 per event
  • Trip Cancellation coverage: $2,000 lifetime maximum per insured person
  • Trip Interruption coverage: $2,000 per insured person per policy year/and lifetime maximum, 3 day  maximum benefit period

IMPORTANT: Note that trip cancellation coverage is provided up to $2,000 and for limited reasons.

“The coverage provided for Trip Cancellation is limited to medical based issues. Trip Cancellation includes coverage for an unforeseen medical emergency concluding a doctor to restrict travel to the participant or if an emergency affects an immediate family member. … The Trip Cancellation benefit will provide coverage up to $2,000 and does not include coverage for:
a. Terrorist Activity or Threat
b. Change in plans or financial circumstances of the Insured person or immediate family member
c. Cancellation or change in plans by common carrier, tour operator, or any travel agent unless caused by inclement weather or organized strike affecting public transportation
d. A pre-existing condition”

If you are interested in additional trip cancellation coverage, check your credit card’s travel benefits. Some credit card companies offer insurance on baggage loss, travel accidents, trip cancellation and medical and/or legal assistance when the travel is purchased with that credit card. St. Olaf College recommends you consider purchasing additional insurance to cover these possibilities.

See also the Frequently Asked Questions for this coverage and the most current Summary of Coverage PDF.

Excluded activities: skydiving/parachuting; hang gliding; bungee jumping; mountain climbing; pot-holing; ziplining; motorcycle riding; and scuba diving – unless scuba diving is assigned as part of the curriculum of study for course credit.

Excluded causes of loss: suicide*; AIDS; routine or elective medical care; normal dental; acne; pregnancy or pregnancy related procedures including abortion; and loss due to participation in Specified Athletic Sporting Events**

* Repatriation of remains is covered, but medical care for self-inflicted injury is not.

** Specified Athletic Sporting Events are: Football, Boxing, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Martial Arts, Rodeo, Skiing (water or snow), Surfing, Swimming, Diving, Wrestling, Basketball, Baseball, and Equestrian are excluded when participating in the event professionally or when representing the institution as part of the institution’s athletic program.