Look Who’s Coming

Check out this community of Oles and honorary Oles! We’ve got alumni, parents, and friends of St. Olaf. We’ve got folks of a variety of ages and from around the country. We’ve got singles, friends, paired couples, and small groups traveling together. See anyone you know?

This page will be updated as registrations come in. Note that some travelers may have opted out of this feature and are not listed.

Special Note: the list appears to be in alpha order, but isn’t. To order it alphabetically, click on the Program column. Click it again to reverse alpha order it. Or, see individual program lists by entering a destination (e.g. Thailand or Morocco) in the search box just below this text.

FirstMaidenLastAlum YrParent YrProgram
Donna RaeFaroCintora'66P '002020 Belgium
IsmarCintoraP '002020 Belgium
JohnOlson'792020 Belgium
CurtWilson'702020 Belgium
GregGuinsler2020 Belgium
JohnSchleif'682020 Belgium
JanQuanbeck2020 Belgium
LouisSmithP '952020 Belgium
Mary KaySmithP '952020 Belgium
LauraMcCarthyP '232020 Belgium
GretchenMcCuskey2020 Belgium
MaryFoshager'732020 Belgium
LucyMorrisP '122020 Belgium
GeneMorrisP '122020 Belgium
KathySernak'65P '932020 Belgium
JimGodbold2020 Boundary Waters
JanellBaran'862020 Boundary Waters
PeterKuhlman'862020 Boundary Waters
VickyLeonardLanger'742020 Boundary Waters
GregLanger2020 Boundary Waters
LiindaRaffteryBernier'722020 Boundary Waters
JaneBrownleeP '97, '99, '032020 Georgia
RonBrownleeP '97, '99, '032020 Georgia
JaneRanzenbergerGoldstein'71P '952020 Georgia
JoeGoldsteinP '952020 Georgia
HerbCohrs'702020 Georgia
UrsulaCohrs2020 Georgia
ClaireChristophersonNelson'722020 Georgia
GaryNelson'712020 Georgia
BarbaraSheatsleyMalamen'70P '992020 Georgia
PeteMalamen'71P '992020 Georgia
MeredithNelsonDavis'70P '002020 Georgia
BillDavis'70P '002020 Georgia
JanOlsonEstep'782020 Germany
BarbStone2020 Germany
SueWolf2020 Germany
DaveEstep'782020 Germany
BethWiersmaP '01, '05, '052020 Germany
RussWiersma'72P '01, '05, '052020 Germany
JulieSchmidtHubbard'702020 Germany
JohnOlson'792020 Germany
JanQuanbeck2020 Germany
JohnSchleif'682020 Germany
LesliePeickert-KrokerP '152020 Germany
AnnePeckhamWright'782020 Germany
GeorgeKrokerP '152020 Germany
JaneCurrieMylrea'76P '042020 Germany
JamesMylrea'76P '042020 Germany
JeanTracyP '002020 Germany
EllenTeigland'73P '082020 Germany
MichelleJohnsonP '962020 Germany
TedJohnsonP '962020 Germany
CarolEmery2020 Germany
ErikStone'762020 Germany
WaynePeters'692020 Germany
AimeeTrechock-Peters2020 Germany
RobNesse'73P '012020 Greece
RebeccaCarlsenNesse'73P '012020 Greece
JaneBrownleeP '97, 99, '032020 Greece
RonBrownleeP '97, 99, '032020 Greece
PaulWicklund'61P '87, '942020 Greece
JanWicklundP '87, '942020 Greece
JohnLarson'81P '122020 Greece
JuliaLarsonP '122020 Greece
JoeWyzykowski2020 Greece
ChristieWyzykowski2020 Greece
LisbethLahaugJohnson'612020 Greece
MikeBlack2020 Greece
EllenDybdahlSmithback'83P '10, '122020 Greece
GarySmithbackP '10, '122020 Greece
MikeBlack2020 Greece
SaraGaarde'742020 Greece
RichHileman'722020 Greece
JaneSolbergRinehart'70P '102020 Greece
DennisRinehartP '102020 Greece
DickRescho2020 Holy Land
MonicaJohnsonTosteson'76P '08, '102020 Holy Land
Lou AnnMattson2020 Holy Land
SusanMoyerRudberg'82P '16, '18, '212020 Holy Land
EricJohnson'672020 Holy Land
NorbertFick, Jr.2020 Holy Land
JohnOphaug2020 Holy Land
SusanneSheilsRonning'85P '13, '162020 Holy Land
MelissaJohnsonWannigman'732020 Holy Land
LindaSwanson2020 Holy Land
DaveTostesonP '08, '102020 Holy Land
JonRudbergP '16, '18, '212020 Holy Land
PatsyOphaug2020 Holy Land
BobRonningP '13, '162020 Holy Land
DebClark2020 Holy Land
ChrisTerMaatP '052020 Holy Land
RussWiersma'72P '01, '05, '052020 Holy Land
BethWiersmaP '01, '05, '052020 Holy Land
JennyNorrisPeterson'80P '092020 India
ScottPeterson'79P '092020 India
MelissaDunnAnderson'77P '132020 Japan
DanielBaldwinP '132020 Japan
NaurineDierksLennox'642020 Japan
DonFrankP '132020 Theater in London
NancyFrankP '132020 Theater in London
ChuckHolmberg'682020 Theater in London
BethHolmberg2020 Theater in London
TimGleason2020 Theater in London
ChristineGleason2020 Theater in London
CarltonHolte'672020 Theater in London
SherylPrattGuterl'672020 Theater in London
TomWilson'67P '012020 Theater in London
DaveKrahn'67P '96, '982020 Theater in London
LinneaLarsenKrahn'67P '96, '982020 Theater in London
MegDesmond2020 Theater in London
PaulJulsrud'67P '95, '02, '042020 Theater in London
PatJulsrudP '95, '02, '042020 Theater in London
ErikStone'762020 Mississippi
BarbStone2020 Mississippi
KarenVenohr2020 Mississippi
RobertVenohr2020 Mississippi
JerryStone2020 Mississippi
CurtWilson'702020 Mississippi River Cruise
GregGuinsler2020 Mississippi River Cruise
JohnBonte'692020 Norway
MarthaAndersonBonte'692020 Norway
BenBonte2020 Norway
JustinEhm2020 Norway
KristaEhm2020 Norway
RubyEhm2020 Norway
WilliamEhm2020 Norway
SawyerEhm2020 Norway
SuzanneBakenFischer'752020 Norway
PeterFischer2020 Norway
JamesOkoth2020 Norway
LauraOkoth2020 Norway
JimAnderson2020 Norway
JanetAnderson2020 Norway
JaneRanzenbergerGoldstein'71P '952020 Norway
MarenGoldsteinHoover'952020 Norway
RichardAllen2020 Spain
WendyAllen2020 Spain
CindyCaswell-Miranda2020 Spain
RicMiranda2020 Spain
ElizabethFlackBaller'022020 Spain
MikeGrossmanP '192020 Tanzania
ConnieLarsen'722020 Tanzania
JimErickson'662020 Tanzania
DennisOlson'652020 Tanzania
KarenEricson'862020 Tanzania
JoyLehmanErickson'662020 Tanzania
DougScottP '002020 Tanzania
GraceSchroederScott'72P '002020 Tanzania
JohnOlson'792020 Tanzania
SallyGrossman'77P '192020 Tanzania
TanisOksendahlBeadle'672020 Tanzania
KathyBeadle2020 Tanzania
JustinThies2020 Tanzania
WendyKarageorge2020 Tanzania 2
JohnEnemark'622020 Tanzania 2
MaryGudahlEnemark'612020 Tanzania 2
AmyJohnson2020 Tanzania 2
DonFrankP '132020 Tanzania 2
NancyFrankP '132020 Tanzania 2
BarbIngwersenHeck'732020 Tanzania 2
DonnaMcMillan2020 Tanzania 2
StevenBayne2020 Tanzania 2
CarolynRaitt'122020 Tanzania 2
LindaMilowP '952020 Tanzania 2
JimMilowP '952020 Tanzania 2
EllenTeigland'73P '082021 Argentina
BenSjoberg'982021 Argentina
JeffreyBores'812021 Argentina
MichaelHawkins2021 Argentina
LouiseFridayWilson'80P '192021 Argentina
KristinAndersonTripp'81P '162021 Argentina
SteveTripp'82P '162021 Argentina
SueWolf2021 Argentina
RichAllen2021 Indian Ocean
JoshAllen2021 Indian Ocean
SusanHansonMcPherson'75P '152021 Indian Ocean
VerneMcPherson'75P '152021 Indian Ocean
BenSjoberg'982021 Madagascar
JohnOlson'792021 Madagascar
JimGeistfeld'692021 Madagascar
BarbGeistfeld2021 Madagascar
WaynePeters'692021 Provence
AimeeTrechock-Peters2021 Provence
MichelleJohnsonP '962021 Provence
TedJohnsonP '962021 Provence
SueBargerTurner'692021 Provence
LarryTurner2021 Provence
JohnOlson'792021 Provence
ErikStone'762021 Provence
BarbStone2021 Provence
JamesSchlichting'68P '112021 Provence
NancySimonson2021 Provence
DonnaBechtelHamilton'632021 Provence
GaryHamilton'622021 Provence
GailDanielsonVesledahl'762021 Provence
KenVesledahl'752021 Provence
BobVan Howe'80P '11, '132021 Provence
MichelleStorms-Van HoweP '11, '132021 Provence
LeahPye'132021 Scotland
CarolPyeP '132021 Scotland
CindyRieckP '112021 Scotland
PerryRieckP '112021 Scotland
KariBelgumHammen'62P '902021 Scotland
PhilHammen'63P '902021 Scotland
KathySernak'65P '932021 Scotland
JaneBrownleeP '97, '99, '032021 Scotland
RonBrownleeP '97, '99, '032021 Scotland
KirstenFureJohnson'682021 Scotland
JayJohnson'672021 Scotland
JudyNessCederberg'662021 Scotland
JimCederberg2021 Scotland
AndreaEenP '122021 Scotland
BarbStone2021 Slovenia
ErikStone'762021 Slovenia
AimeeTrechock-Peters2021 Slovenia
WaynePeters'692021 Slovenia
CindyPohlit2021 Slovenia
LarryPohlit2021 Slovenia
EricForsberg'702021 Slovenia
GloriaPeck2021 Slovenia
DonNelson'702021 Slovenia
KristaNelson2021 Slovenia
JohnTurrittinP '962021 Slovenia
SallyTurrittinP '962021 Slovenia
KarenVenohr2021 Slovenia
RobertVenohr2021 Slovenia
BobMarotz'75P '02, '072021 Slovenia
MaryEmmonsMarotz'76P '02, '072021 Slovenia
JohnBarbour2021 Slovenia
MegOjala2021 Slovenia
KathySernak'65P '932021 Slovenia
RebeccaCarlsenNesse'73P '012020 Theater in London
RobNesse'73P '012020 Theater in London
RebeccaCarlsenNesse'73P '012021 Argentina
RobNesse'73P '012021 Argentina
JeanSetzerBergo'772021 Indian Ocean
JohnBergo2021 Indian Ocean
MichelleStorms-Van HoweP '11, '132021 Grand Tour Italy
BobVan Howe'80P '11, '132021 Grand Tour Italy
HerbCohrs'702021 Holy Land
UrsulaCohrs2021 Holy Land
RonPechauer'59P '88, '912021 Slovenia 2
RachelMandsagerPechauer'61P '88, '912021 Slovenia 2
RussWiersma'72P '01, '05, '052021 Provence
BethWiersmaP '01, '05, '052021 Provence