Look Who’s Coming

Check out this community of Oles and honorary Oles! We’ve got alumni, parents, and friends of St. Olaf. We’ve got folks of a variety of ages and from around the country. We’ve got singles, friends, paired couples, and small groups traveling together. See anyone you know?

This page will be updated as registrations come in. Note that some travelers may have opted out of this feature and are not listed.

Special Note: the list appears to be in alpha order, but isn’t. To order it alphabetically, click on the Program column. Click it again to reverse alpha order it. Or, see individual program lists by entering a destination (e.g. Thailand or Morocco) in the search box just below this text.

FirstMaidenLastAlum YrParent YrProgram
RobertVenohr2023 Italy & Slovenia 2
MegDesmond2022 Boundary Waters
CarrieWarderBartlett'792022 Vietnam
BobBartlett2022 Vietnam
MitchLong'77P '19, '222022 Vietnam
MargitDonhowe'79P '19, '222022 Vietnam
BradEamon'772022 Vietnam
DianeEamon2022 Vietnam
JoanneKing2022 Vietnam
BarbStone2022 Vietnam
ErikStone'762022 Vietnam
BillEtnyre'692022 Vietnam
MichaelLonesome-Etnyre2022 Vietnam
MegDesmond2022 Theater
BethHolmberg2022 Theater
ChuckHolmberg'682022 Theater
RebeccaCarlsenNesse'73P '012022 Theater
RobNesse'73P '012022 Theater
GailSundemNoller'70P '992022 Vietnam
JerryNoller'68P '992022 Vietnam
KarenRaackHerreid'74P '01, '062022 Vietnam
DaveEstep'782022 Germany
GeorgeKrokerP '152022 Germany
JohnOlson'792022 Germany
JanQuanbeck2022 Germany
JohnSchleif'682022 Germany
BarbStone2022 Germany
EllenTeigland'73P '082022 Germany
JeanTracyP '002022 Germany
AimeeTrechock-Peters2022 Germany
RussWiersma'72P '01, '05, '052022 Germany
SuzyWolf2022 Germany
JanetOlsonEstep'782022 Germany
LesliePeickert-KrokerP '152022 Germany
ErikStone'762022 Germany
WaynePeters'692022 Germany
BethWiersmaP '01, '05, '052022 Germany
JoWilliamson'852022 Theater
SonjaAlmlie'852022 Theater
EricJohnson'78P '222021 Golf
KathrynJohnson'722022 Third Chapter
BillLindberg'702022 Third Chapter
DaveTostesonP '08, '102022 Holy Land
MonicaJohnsonTosteson'76P '08, '102022 Holy Land
RichLarson'762022 Third Chapter
MaryNasbyLohre'69P '95, '992022 Third Chapter
JohnLohre'67P '95, '992022 Third Chapter
GregSuskovic'802022 Holy Land
SarahPontoSuskovic'802022 Holy Land
HollyEllern'042022 Germany
ScottEllernP '042022 Germany
GayEllernP '042022 Germany
LindaAtwood'782022 Boundary Waters
LindaRaffteryBernier'722022 Boundary Waters
BobPalrud'702022 Boundary Waters
JudyPalrud2022 Boundary Waters
MelindaKravikQuivik'722022 Holy Land
FredQuivik'712022 Holy Land
ClaireChristophersonNelson'722022 Holy Land
GaryNelson'712022 Holy Land
BarbSheatsleyMalamen'70P '992022 Holy Land
PeteMalamen'71P '992022 Holy Land
MarciaSandrockAubineau'692022 Theater
MonicaJohnsonTosteson'76P '08, '102022 Theater
DaveTostesonP '08, '102022 Theater
JeanAnThurlowSprague'642022 Holy Land
CindyRectorP '142022 Germany
MeredithNelsonDavis'70P '002022 Georgia
BillDavis'70P '002022 Georgia
HerbCohrs'702022 Georgia
UrsulaCohrs2022 Georgia
JaneBrownleeP '97, '99, '032022 Georgia
RonBrownleeP '97, '99, '032022 Georgia
ClaireChristophersonNelson'722022 Georgia
GaryNelson'712022 Georgia
BarbSheatsleyMalamen'70P '992022 Georgia
PeteMalamen'71P '992022 Georgia
LindaMilowP '952022 Georgia
MichaelSchoeneman'882022 Georgia
DianeSchoeneman2022 Georgia
LaureWaschbusch2022 Georgia
AlexMilow2022 Georgia
KristenSchoenemanThurber'912022 Georgia
PeterThompson2022 Holy Land
RickiThompson2022 Holy Land
NormRitland'71P '052022 Georgia
Mary EllenAndersen'712022 Georgia
FredHaseley'772022 Third Chapter
VanitaGilbertsonP '192022 Third Chapter
BarbaraSletten'712022 Holy Land
LauriePearseHudgins'802022 Holy Land
SteveHudgins2022 Holy Land
SuellenOlsonRundquist'672022 Third Chapter
MonicaJohnsonTosteson'76P '08, '102022 Third Chapter
MarthaEbeyLee'862022 Boundary Waters
NancyWilliams2022 Holy Land
SusanLarson'742022 Boundary Waters
SusanRice2022 Boundary Waters
KarenVenohr2023 Italy & Slovenia 2
JohnTurrittin'962023 Italy & Slovenia 1
SallyTurrittin'962023 Italy & Slovenia 1
DonNelson'702023 Italy & Slovenia 1
KristaNelson2023 Italy & Slovenia 1
EricForsberg'702023 Italy & Slovenia 1
GloriaPeck2023 Italy & Slovenia 1
MelanieMcQuaigP '182022 Georgia
JohnMcQuaigP '182022 Georgia
JohnMartin2022 Georgia
CarrieMartin2022 Georgia
BarbStone2023 Italy & Slovenia 2
ErikStone'762023 Italy & Slovenia 2
AnnSimonsenOswood'89P '182023 Italy & Slovenia 2
MarkOswood'89P '182023 Italy & Slovenia 2
AimeeTrechock-Peters2023 Italy & Slovenia 1
WaynePeters'692023 Italy & Slovenia 1
DonEtnyre2023 Italy & Slovenia 2
NancyEtnyre2023 Italy & Slovenia 2
MargeFisher2022 Boundary Waters
CristinaCreager2022 Boundary Waters
RonHunter'702022 Golf
ReneeHunter2022 Golf
GlennTaylor'732022 Golf
RitaTaylor2022 Golf
JohnOlson'792023 Madagascar
WendyKarageorge2023 Madagascar
AmyJohnson2023 Madagascar
JimGeistfeld'692023 Madagascar
BarbGeistfeld2023 Madagascar
GretisLi2022 Boundary Waters
KarenEricson2023 Italy & Slovenia 1
MichaelBraid'852023 Italy & Slovenia 2
JenniferBraid2023 Italy & Slovenia 2
JudyTegtmeyer2022 Boundary Waters
WesBraker'182022 Boundary Waters
AnnikaFredrickson'182022 Boundary Waters
KaetheSchwehn2022 Holy Land
PederJothen'942022 Holy Land
RyanBowles2022 Golf
SarahBowles2022 Golf
RichardAllen2022 Germany
WendyAllen2022 Germany
HeidiQuiramP '212022 Germany
DianaPostlethwaite2022 Theater
PaulThiboutot2022 Theater
BruceBensonP '05, '002022 Georgia
CarolBensonP '05, '002022 Georgia
DeannaThompson'89P '212022 Third Chapter
EllenDraegerCattadoris'072022 Third Chapter
JudyHinckP '062022 Theater
WaltHinckP '062022 Theater
LynneJohnsonNelson'822022 Vietnam
ChrisNelson'822022 Vietnam
JanOlsonEstep'782022 Vietnam
DaveEstep'782022 Vietnam
SusanFlack'842022 Third Chapter
SaraStrykerP '192022 Third Chapter
ArianaWilliamsHoffman'112023 Holy Land
JohnOlson'792023 Peru
CarolTakalaTveite'79P '07, '152023 Italy & Slovenia 2
MikeTveite'79P '07, '152023 Italy & Slovenia 2
SpencerWick'212022 Golf
KarenWickP '212022 Golf
PatTveite2023 Italy & Slovenia 2
MollyTveite2023 Italy & Slovenia 2
BetseyDimickHofeldt'782023 Mont Blanc
MarkHofeldt2023 Mont Blanc
DavidAnderson'742023 Mediterranean
PriscillaPaton2023 Mediterranean
BevAndersonP '142023 Mediterranean
MarkAndersonP '142023 Mediterranean
PeterKindem'772023 Mont Blanc
GabrielleKindem2023 Mont Blanc
MarkSimonson'792023 Mont Blanc
MiraSimonson2023 Mont Blanc
LouisSmith2023 Mediterranean
Mary KaySmith2023 Mediterranean
BarbStone2023 Peru
ErikStone'762023 Peru
JohnOphaug2023 Holy Land
PatsyOphaug2023 Holy Land
JimMullerP '142023 Madagascar
JudithMullerP '142023 Madagascar
FordCampbell'762023 Mediterranean
MikeMorris'77P '04, '07, '112023 Mediterranean
KarenEricson'862023 Peru
JeanAnSprague'642022 Georgia
PatRipkenP '922023 Mediterranean
ElouiseJohnson2023 Mediterranean
NormaEricson2023 Peru
BillKeller'822023 Italy & Slovenia 2
RobertHolleyman2023 Italy & Slovenia 2
PaulJulsrud'67P '95, '02, '042022 Theater in London
PatJulsrudP '95, '02, '042022 Theater in London
PaulTweeten'652022 Germany
RuthGarnaasTweeten'652022 Germany
PattyKuntz'732022 Germany
MeganLarrabeeNelson'862022 Golf
TadPiper2023 Mediterranean
CindyPiper2023 Mediterranean
JaneCurrieMylrea'76P '042023 Ireland
JimMylrea'76P '042023 Ireland
LeahSpeltz'75P '002023 Ireland
JaneAllenNordhorn'972023 Mediterranean
RebeccaOttenP '19, '222023 Mediterranean
DannHeilman'71P '992023 Mediterranean
BarbTelanderHeilman'71P '992023 Mediterranean
MarshaCrallP '032023 Mediterranean
BobCrallP '032023 Mediterranean
RebeccaCarlsenNesse'73P '012023 Peru
RobNesse'73P '012023 Peru