Campus Snapshots

  • campus_1
    Old Main as seen from Regents Hall of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
  • campus_3
    A view of Rolvaag Memorial Library
  • campus_4
    A well-lit study area in Regents Hall of Natural and Mathematical Sciences
  • campus_5
    Built by members of the St. Olaf community over the summer of 2003, this Scandinavian-style wooden tower commemorates the lives of students who have died while enrolled at St. Olaf. The chimes, tuned to the key of D (the key of "Beautiful Savior"), are engraved with the names of those students. On windy days, the sound of the chimes can be heard almost anywhere on campus.
  • campus_6
    A view of Boe Memorial Chapel
  • campus9
    Tomson Hall houses the Education Department and the college's six language departments, plus the World Languages Center. Other building occupants include offices that serve students, such as Admissions and Financial Aid, the Office of International and Off-Campus Studies, the Dean of Students and Residence Life, the Health Center, Registrar, and the Piper Center for Vocation and Career that helps St. Olaf students discern their vocations and plan careers.
  • campus_8
    St. Olaf's utility-grade wind turbine provides up to one-third of the college's energy needs.
  • campus_9
    A view of Rolvaag Memorial Library
  • campus11
  • campus8
    Relaxing on the campus green near Buntrock Commons
  • campus10
    Mellby Residence Hall