Student Employment in Art and Art History

Below is a list of all potential employment opportunities in the Department of Art & Art History. To discover which ones currently have openings, search the student employment website.

We list them all for your general information, not because we currently have openings for all of them.

To learn about internships and careers, check out the ArtSearch website.

Campus Student Galleries Assistant

Supervisor: Michon Weeks
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Job Description:

Assist the Department of Art and Art History in coordinating the student gallery exhibition spaces around campus. Tasks include:

  • Send email reminders to student artists
  • Tour galleries every two weeks
  • Maintain the tool caddy

Learn more about the Campus Student Galleries spaces


Supervisor: Studio Art Technician
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Job Description:

  • Monitor sculpture department tool use, with main focus being safety.  Maintain tool room and shops organization.  Check in/out tools from tool room.  Assist students in safe and proper use of tools and shops.  Assist Technical Supervisor with projects throughout the department.  Accept deliveries to the department.
  • Skills Needed: basic metal and/or woodworking skills.  Must have taken art 103 and be proficient with the tools in our shop.  Must be able to work independently and with responsibility.  Must be prompt and trustworthy.

Media Room Attendant

Supervisor: Peter Nelson & Melinde Madsen
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Job Description:

  • The position of Media Room Attendant is a student worker position designed to help keep the Media Room organized, efficient and operating without glitches. The main duties relate to equipment checkouts, assisting with the lighting studio, keeping the Media Room in order, and monitoring supplies.
  • Skills Needed: This position requires promptness and attention to detail. Knowledge and experience with digital and 35mm cameras, audiovisual equipment, Photoshop, and lighting is preferred.
  • Hours per week: 5-10
  • Times of hours: flexible

Ceramics Assistant

Supervisor: Courtney Leonard & Melinde Madsen
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Job Description:

  • Maintain the studio, help keep the studio running smoothly and communicate with the instructor who is ultimately responsible for the studio.  Duties may include: loading and firing all bisques in a timely manner throughout the semester, loading and firing glaze loads, scraping and cleaning kiln shelves and posts, sweeping out the gas and salt kilns, mixing cone 10 glazes, mixing clay, keeping rack of clay, glaze and cone inventories, helping other students, keeping an general eye on the conditions of the studio for the instructor.
  • Skills Needed: Ceramic Experience. Must have taken art 207 and must have a sound understanding of a variety of construction methods and firing processes.  Must be able to work independently and with responsibility.  Must be prompt and trustworthy.
  • Hours per week: flexible

Office Assistant

Supervisor: Patty Cohn
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Job Description:

  • Assist with a variety of office tasks.  Put away the mail, make copies, run errands, word processing, data entry, mailings, answering the phone, helping students and faculty.
  • Skills Needed: Computer skills, ability to pay close attention to detail, willingness to do a variety of tasks, good people skills.
  • Hours per week: 2-5
  • Times of hours: hours available on weekdays between 8 am and 5 pm.

Social Media Assistant

Supervisor: Patty Cohn
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Works closely with art department AAA to create engaging content for the art department social media presence, including keeping social media channels updated and seeking out new social media avenues and ways of connecting with audiences. May also be asked to assist with art department website.

Job Description:

  • Manages company social media channels, including Facebook and Instagram, and other relevant platforms
  • Creates dynamic written, graphic, and video content
  • Creates content that promotes audience interaction, increases audience presence on our department sites
  • Works closely with the department to develop social media campaigns
  • Analyses and reports audience information and demographics, and success of existing social media projects
  • Proposes new ideas and concepts for social media content
  • Manages social media communications
  • Uses timelines and scheduled content to create a consistent stream of new content for while analyzing, managing, and altering schedules where necessary to optimize visits

Social Media Assistant Skills and Qualifications:

Social media marketing experience preferred, familiarity with the art department, excellent technology skills, content writing, graphic design, self-motivation, strong communication skills, networking,  proofreading, strong customer-service skills, enthusiasm, detail-oriented, collaboration, WordPress and photography experience a plus.

Photolab Assistant

Supervisor: Melinde Madsen
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Job Description:

  • Assist beginning students with darkroom processing and printing. Mix chemicals, maintain the security, organization, and cleanliness of the lab, and do odd jobs as requested. Assist with scanning and photoshop in digital lab.
  • Skills Needed: You must have experience with film development, darkroom printing, flatbed and negative scanners, and Photoshop to apply for this position. Experience with the Epson 9880 inkjet printer a plus. You must have good darkroom printing skills.
  • Hours per week: Students work one or two 3 hour shifts per week.
  • Times of hours: Evening and day time hours available.


Supervisor: Patty Cohn, Michon Weeks, John Saurer
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Modeling Frequently Asked Questions

Job Description: 

  • Modeling sessions vary, but generally they start with 15 minutes of “gesture” drawings (quick, spontaneous 15-60 second poses) and then move into more sustained poses (standing or seated for 15-30 minutes) or reclining (up to 2 hours).
  • Skills Needed: Willingness to be expressive with body and unintimidated by artists’ observation and willing to experiment with poses. It is beneficial if the model has had his/her own experience drawing from a figure.

Safety Assistant

Supervisor: Studio Art Technician & Patty Cohn
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Job Description:

  • Check the art department’s eye wash stations and safety showers on a weekly basis and keep records related to this. Update MSDS files and make sure they reflect accurately the chemicals used.  Restock first aid kits. Other duties as assigned.
  • Skills Needed: Must be detail oriented, independent, and dependable.  Familiarity with chemicals is desirable.
  • Hours per week: 2-3

Galleries Lighting and Technical Assistant

Supervisor: Stephen Schroeder
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Job Description: 

  • Help to setup and maintain all technical needs for exhibits in the galleries
  • Assist and light works within the galleries
  • Skills Needed: Ability to clearly communicate and listen attentively; Teamwork and Independent work ethic; Acute attention to details; Willingness to work with hands; Ability to work on a ladder and in a lift at heights above 15 feet (5 meters); Cooperative problem solving
  • Hours per week: varies