Exhibition Timeline

Lasting Legacy Exhibition Timeline 2020:

By February 21

Select your objects by: 

  • Search the Flaten Museum Collection HERE and create a preliminary object list with your top choices. 
  • Please contact Mona Weselmann (weselman@stolaf.edu) (507-786-3703) for help to search for particular kinds of artworks, subject matters or themes. 
  • Request to schedule an in-person viewing of selected objects by emailing Mona with accession number, artist and titles of your choices. You may also obtain access to object files and images at this time. 
  • Consolidate object viewings as a whole group or in smaller groups to save time and effort. Think and plan ahead. 
  • Enter object information and image in a document on the team drive shared with the group which will serve as an introductory checklist. 
By March 9
  • Select a group spokesperson. 
  • Submit a final exhibition object checklist to Mona Weselmann (weselman@stolaf.edu)
  • Collectively determine an exhibition title, write the introductory label, and select an image for print and online promotion of the show. 
  • The group spokesperson shares this information with the museum staff and academic advisor.
By March 20
  • Submit draft wall texts to academic advisor for first edit. 
  • Texts will be edited, but please polish them before submitting. 
  • Academic advisor will circulate texts back to seniors for a second draft.
  • Spokesperson submits an exhibition layout proposal (noting requests for pedestals, covered vitrines, and other special installation needs) to Jane Becker Nelson (beckerj@stolaf.edu).
By April 3
  • Save final drafts in the Google folder.
  • Final edits may be made by the academic advisor and museum director. 
  • Spokesperson discusses exhibition layout proposal and resolve any questions with Jane Becker Nelson (beckerj@stolaf.edu)
By April 16
  • Wall texts are formatted, mounted and trimmed (by museum staff) and ready to install in the show. 
May 3: Show Opens!
  • Watch this space for upcoming details about the opening and senior reception. 

Interpretive Writing for the Exhibition

Formatting Text Panels