Formatting Text Panels

Please follow instructions below when laying out text panels. Artist biographical information and artwork details are on the web kiosk or in object files. If you don’t know, ask Mona. 

  • Submit your text panel using 12 pt. Times New Roman, single-spaced. 
  • Do not use special formatting such as line spacing, indenting, font size, etc. please.
  • Text panels will not be proofed for grammatical errors, spelling  or content. 
  • Double and triple-check your work! 

List the object information in the order below:

  1. Attribution, if applicable, followed by Artist Name (country where born, life dates in parenthesis)
  2. Title of Work, a comma, then creation date
  3. Medium and Support (oil on canvas, watercolor on paper, i.e.) – use lower case
  4. Credit Line
  5. Accession # 
  6. Insert text essay here
  7. Include your name as you wish it to appear on the panel and your grad year as the final line of your essay. 

Please refer to examples or previous text panels shared in this Google folder.

Interpretive Writing for the Exhibition

Exhibition Timeline