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Join the St. Olaf Choir, conducted by Anton Armstrong, during their 2020 East Coast tour. The St. Olaf Choir, with 75 mixed voices, is one of the premier a cappella choirs in the United States, and for more than a century has set the standard of choral excellence and remained at the forefront of choral artistry.

The 2020 St. Olaf Choir tour marks the 100th anniversary of the choir’s first East Coast tour in 1920 (which included their first performance at Carnegie Hall), along with Dr. Armstrong’s 30th anniversary of leading the ensemble. During this past century, touring has played an important role in the St. Olaf Choir sharing its artistry and beauty of sound with audiences around the world. This year, the St. Olaf Choir has adjusted its ticket pricing structure to promote greater accessibility, including $10 tickets for all students. Tickets are available at and 800-363-5487.


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2020 St. Olaf Choir National Tour Repertoire

Songs of Praise and Rejoicing

Laetatus Sum                                                                                            Johann Michael Haydn (1737-1806)

Elohim Hashivenu                                                                                   Salamone Rossi (c. 1570-c.1630)

Der Geist hilft unsrer Schwachheit auf (BWV 226)                              Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Songs of Adoration

Gloria (Mass in G Minor)                                                                           Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)

Selig sind die reines Herzens sind                                                              Woldemar Voullaire (1825-1902)

On Horizon’s Brim                                                                                      Ralph M. Johnson (b. 1955)

Adoramus Te                                                                                                Matthew Peterson (b. 1984)

Alleluia                                                                                                           Jake Runestad (b. 1986)

Songs of Justice and Compassion

Sorida                                                                                                              Rosephanye Powell (b. 1962)

Our Father                                                                                                      Alexander Gretchaninov (1864-1956)

When Thunder Comes                                                                                  Mari Esabel Valverde (b. 1987)

When Memory Fades                                                                                     Jayne Southwick Cool (b. 1947)
arr. Eric Nelson

Set Me As A Seal                                                                                              Robert V. Scholz (b. 1939), arr. David Scholz

O Day Full of Grace                                                                                        Christoph E.F. Weyse (1774-1842), arr. F. Melius Christiansen 

Songs of Love and Hope

Lammaa Badaa Yatathannaa                                                                      arr. Shireen Abu-Khader (b. 1972)

Danny Boy                                                                                                       arr. Joseph Flummerfelt (1937–2019)

O My Luve’s Like A Red, Red Rose                                                               René Clausen (b. 1953)

My Lord, What A Mornin’                                                                             arr Harry T. Burleigh (1866–1949)

City Called Heaven                                                                                         arr. Josephine Poelinitz (b. 1944)

My Soul’s Been Anchored in the Lord                                                           arr. Moses G. Hogan Jr. (1957–2003)


Optional Selections

Beautiful Savior                                                                                               arr. F. Melius Christiansen (1871-1955)

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