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PowerPoints and other recommended resources from CILA Faculty Lunch Conversations are listed below.

Spring 2017

Autism and Academic Performance
February 21. Dr. Elizabeth Reeve, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, HealthPartners Medical Group

Presentation documents: Autism Goes to College

Fall 2014

The Creative Classroom Series: Teaching Creatively and Effectively with ORC
September 16. Jeanne Willcoxon (Theatre, Director of Oral Communication), Ka Wong (Asian Studies), Jason Ripley (Religion), Marty Hodel (Music), Doug Casson (Political Science).

Presentation documents: Creating ORC Assignments; Effective Question and Answer ExchangesOral Presentation EvaluationGlobal Music Final PresentationPS113 Simulation RubricPS113 Simulation InstructionsTeaching Creatively and Effectively with ORC

Spring 2014

Academic Civic Engagement and the Liberal Arts Foundation
February 18. Paul Schadewald, Associate Director, Civic Engagement Center, Macalester College

Maximizing Student Learning Abroad: Reports from 2014 Interim Program Leaders
February 26. Dana Gross (Psychology 223), DeAne Lagerquist (Religion 272), Jonathan O’Conner (Spanish 322)

Click here for: Vande Berg’s Presentation PPt

Demystifying the Board:  How can Faculty work with the Board of Regents to achieve the St. Olaf Mission? 
March 4. Rick Goedde (Economics – Faculty Observer to the Board of Regents), Mary Walczak (Chemistry – Faculty Observer-Elect to the Board of Regents)

Provost’s Sabbatical Series Luncheon
March 13. Kathryn Ananda-Owens (Associate Professor of Music), Anna Kuxhausen (Associate Professor of History)

Diversifying Diversity: Perspectives on Mixed Race
March 18.Professor Jennifer Kwon Dobbs (English, Race and Ethnic Studies), Britt Letcher (co-founder and president of Hybrid Vigor)

Design Thinking, Sustainability, and Spanish: Applying Design Thinking in an Interim Course
April 15. Maggie Broner (Romance Languages-Spanish)

Presentation: Sustainability and Spanish CILA 2014

Troublesome Teaching Situations? Moving Past Panic toward Constructive Action
April 22. Karen Cherewatuk (English), Connie Ford (Student Accessibility Services)

Fall 2013

Connecting Students with the Global Commons through Teaching and Research: Visions of Internationalization
September 25. Dana Gross, Psychology, and Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary and General Studies; Tim Howe, History

Digital Scholarship for Teaching and Research: New Models, New York, New Lives
October 1. 
Karen Achberger, German; Will Bridges, Asian Studies-Japanese; Mary Titus, English

The Innovative Classroom – unleashing the creativity in our students and ourselves
October 9. Irve Dell, Art and Art History; Sian Muir, Management Studies


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Provost’s Sabbatical Series Luncheon
October 17. Anantanand Rambachan, Religion; Doug Casson, Political Science

Exploring Class and Classism
October 22. Sharon Lane-Getaz, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Presentation: Exploring Class and Classism
Related website:

Identity and Diversity: Lutheran Tradition and St. Olaf’s Future
November 6. Darrell Jodock, Martin E. Marty Professor of Religion and the Academy

Related reading: Luther and Inter-Religious Relations in Higher Education, by Darrell Jodock, Augsburg College, November 10, 2011.
We call your attention in particular to point 9, on page 10.

What’s Left of Affirmative Action Admissions?
November 14. Devon W. Carbado, Hon. Harry Pregerson Professor of Law, UCLA School of Law

Related reading: Carbado, Devon W., Intraracial Diversity (May 3, 2013). 60 UCLA Law Review, 2013; UCLA School of Law Research Paper No. 13-14. Available at SSRN.

Teaching Calculus Online: A Liberal Arts Approach
November 19. Tina Garrett, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science


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