Alumni: 1970-79


Sherry Saterstrom
Where to start— I just finished three performances that celebrated my 6 decades in dance–“A Body of Knowledge”–moving is my knowing— and currently am taking a break from rehearsing and creating new work. I am teaching 4 classes this semester in the Dance Dept. at St. Olaf– Modern l, Power Play, Fundamentally Dance, and The Body Moveable. I love performing and dancing is one of my primary ways of being in life, but I also am a born teacher and I am enjoying giving my classes and the creative process inherent in them– my full attention now. Who would have imagined 38 years ago when I graduated from St. Olaf that I would be back here having the time of my creative life sharing my love of “the body in motion” with students of all descriptions. Life is a crazy journey! What a pleasure to just follow its lead. (Update: November, 2008)