Dance Studio Reservations

Collage of photos featuring campus dance studios.

The Center for Art and Dance has three beautiful dance studios that are in high-demand during the academic year. If you would like to reserve a dance studio, please read this entire page carefully. The use of the dance studios is contingent on space availability. Dance staff and students receive first consideration.

Studio Guidelines:

Dance Studio Rules and Regulations for 20-21

We are very excited to welcome you back to campus and have been working very hard to develop and implement our safety practices in the Center for Art and Dance and the dance studios. The Center for Art and Dance studios are wonderful. We love our space very much and want as many people as possible to utilize it.  The safety of all students, faculty and staff, is our first and foremost priority.

Due to the need for extreme focus on safety this year, only those students currently enrolled in a dance class or approved student organizations that have successfully completed the new studio use safety quiz are able to use the studios in Center for Art and Dance. There are many new policies and procedures so please read through this document thoroughly. Any student or organization who does not follow all of the safety practices will lose their access to the dance studios.  

The following policies must be followed:

Each faculty, staff, and student will follow the Community Standards and adhere to the Community Pledge.

The community pledge applies to both on-campus and off-campus.

Before you can sign out space you must:
  • Read this document in its entirety.
  • Watch the following videos:
    • Links to 3 Studio Safety Practices videos found at the bottom of this page.
    • Cleaning video by Environmental Health and Safety Specialist, Joe Udelhofen: Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces

**Note that for the Spring 20-21 semester floorwork can be done in each student’s individual squares provided all occupied squares are cleaned and disinfected at the end of rehearsal.**

  • Take and pass the Studio Use Quiz: Once you have read all of this document, follow the link at the bottom of this page to the Studio Use Quiz and take the quiz. Your use of the space is dependent upon receiving an adequate score. The quiz can be retaken. Only the lead for a student organization needs to take the Studio Use Quiz. That person will then be responsible for the actions of the entire group.

*Even if you took the studio use quiz in the Fall you need to take it again in the Spring.*

Thank you for your interest in utilizing the dance studios and helping to keep campus happy and safe!

Studio Policies and Guidelines:

Mask wearing: Students and student organizations will wear masks at all times indoors including during the entire duration of dance rehearsals regardless of the number of students in the space, even for solo rehearsals. No exceptions.

Physical Distancing (Not social distancing – we are still socializing with one another at a physical distance):

  • In order to maintain physical distancing, squares are taped on the floor of each of the dance studios so dancers are able to easily see their dancing space for rehearsals. Dancers are to dance only within their square. 
  • If in a solo rehearsal with only one person in the studio, the dancer is not restricted to a single square.
  • Based on these squares the maximum number of students allowed in each of the studios is as follows: 
    • Studio 1 = 16 students
    • Studio 2 = 10 students
    • Studio 3 = 10 students

Hand washing/sanitizing: All students and student organizations using the studios will use the hand washing/sanitizing stations upon entrance and exit of the studios.

Sanitize in-sanitize out!  

Rehearsal entrance/exit procedures: All students and every member of student organizations must watch each of the Safety Practices Videos, there are 3, on the bottom of the Dance Department Homepage:

Students will arrive already changed for rehearsal or wearing their dancewear underneath their regular clothes. There will be no changing in the locker room or bathrooms.

Once you arrive in the Center for Art and Dance, you will drop your bags in a designated area for each dance studio. There will be designated spots outside of each studio for students to put bags, clothes, coats, etc. and these items will not be brought into the dance studios. 

 Any shoes worn for rehearsals (see below for approved shoes) should be used in the dance studios and other indoor practice spaces only. Please do not wear dance shoes outside of these locations.  

Once dropping your bags, coat, shoes, etc. off you will proceed immediately to a square of your choosing in the studio and stay there until rehearsal begins. You will use the pathways between the squares so you are not walking through anyone else’s square. 

Students should not socialize in the hallways pre and post rehearsal due to physical distancing protocols.

If you need to exit the space during rehearsal to use the bathrooms or refill your water bottle, follow the pathways between squares to exit and re-enter. 

Once rehearsal begins, studio doors must be closed and remain closed for the entirety of rehearsal. This is so the air circulation system can best perform its job and filter the studio’s air. We are scheduling a half an hour between rehearsals to help with air circulation as well.


Approved Shoes:        

  • Ballet slippers
  • Pointe shoes (Studio 2 only, no rosin)
  • Jazz shoes

All other shoes must be approved by a dance faculty member including, but not limited to, shoes for: ballroom, tap, and hip hop. Approved tap shoes are only allowed in Studio 2, and screws must be tightened before every rehearsal. Again, please wear dance shoes only in the studios or other indoor practice areas.  


  • No food of any kind is permitted.
  • Water is the only beverage allowed and must be in a sealed container
  • Water bottles can be refilled at the water refilling station. Water fountains are not operational


  • Use equipment only as it’s intended
  • Ballet bars should never be hung from or sat upon
  • Pianos can be played
  • Instruments other than pianos should not be touched or played
  • Boomboxes are provided for audio playback, aux cords are not provided
  • Please bring your own aux cord or other playback device if desired (aux cords have two ⅛ inch jacks that plug into your phone/computer/device and then into the aux input on the boombox)
  • When done, turn off boomboxes and return them to where they were found

If anything is found damaged or inoperable, contact a dance faculty member or the dance technical director immediately. If anything happens to get damaged in your rehearsal, own up to it and contact the Dance Technical Director, Stephen Schroeder at immediately.

Studio and Equipment Clean-Up:

***Do not spray any cleaner or disinfectant directly on any sound or electrical equipment. First spray the provided paper towel and then wipe on the equipment.***

Special Movement Considerations:

  • All dancers must stay in their squares
  • No traveling through space unless a single person in a solo rehearsal
  • Floor work is allowed provided all occupied squares are cleaned and disinfected at the end of rehearsal
  • Physical distancing of at least 10’ must always be maintained

Lost and Found:

  • If items are lost, you can find them in the lost and found basket in the hallway outside studio 1
  • Valuable items will be taken down to the Center for Art and Dance main office and can be found there

First-Aid Kits:

  • For emergencies only
  • Ice packs, band aids, etc. should only be used if the injury occurs in the studio

 If a kit is missing any items, contact Heather Klopchin at

Studio Sign-Out:

**Only students currently enrolled in a dance class or student leaders in a student organization may sign out the studio space.**

Studio Occupancy limits:
  • Studio 1- 16
  • Studio 2- 10
  • Studio 3 -10
Maximum hours: 

Students and organizations are limited to:

  • 1 hour total during the week
  • 1 hour total on weekends

Approved student organizations with larger membership than the studio can hold can sign out up to 2 spaces at the same time for a maximum of one hour to allow all members to be able to participate. 

Students belonging to an organization may not sign-out extra space as individuals to exceed the 2 hour maximum (1 hour  during the week, 1 hour on weekends). If more time is desired, contact the chair of the Dance Department, Heather Klopchin, for approval at

Space Priority:
  1. Dance Faculty/Staff including tech needs
  2. Guest Artists
  3. Dance Majors
  4. Students currently enrolled in Dance Classes
  5. Veselica
  6. Approved Dance organizations/clubs

This priority list must be followed under all circumstances, even when the space is mistakenly double-booked, unless approved by the department chair.

All studio requests will go through 25Live Pro

You must make a request at least 48 hours in advance of when you intend to use the space.

Making a request does not guarantee reservation. You will be notified of the status of your request and when/if it is accepted.

Got it? Quiz time:

Studio Use Quiz

Studio Safety Practices Videos: