Dance Studio Reservations

Collage of photos featuring campus dance studios.

The Center for Art and Dance has three beautiful dance studios that are in high-demand during the academic year. If you would like to reserve a dance studio, please read this entire page carefully. The use of the dance studios is contingent on space availability. Dance staff and students receive first consideration.

Studio Guidelines:

Dance Studio Rules and Regulations

The Center for Art and Dance studios are wonderful. We love our space very much and want as many people as possible to use it.  In order to make this happen, the following policies must be followed:

Studio Sign-Out:

Maximum hours for students and organizations are:

  • 1.5 hours total during the week
  • 2 hours total on weekends

Students belonging to an organization may not sign-out extra space as individuals to exceed the 3.5 hour maximum (1.5 hours during the week, 2 hours on weekends). If more time is desired, contact the chair of the Dance Department, Heather Klopchin, for approval.

Space Priority:

    1. Dance Faculty/Staff including tech needs
    2. Guest Artists
    3. Dance Majors
    4. Students currently enrolled in Dance Classes
    5. Veselica and Companydance members
    6. Dance organizations/clubs
    7. Other academic classes and extracurricular organizations

This priority list must be followed under all circumstances, even when the space is mistakenly double-booked, unless approved by the department chair.

Ways to sign-out space:

Regular and/or consistent use:

Non-regular and/or inconsistent use:

  • Find the space chart located between studios 2 and 3 and fill it out and be sure to include your name and the organization name (if applicable) as well as your email

A new weekly space chart is posted every Tuesday afternoon for Wednesday through the following Tuesday.

Approved Shoes:

  • *Ballet slippers
  • Jazz shoes

*Pointe shoes do not need approval, but they are only allowed in Studio 2. Rosin should not be used in any studio.

All other shoes must be approved by a dance faculty member including, but not limited to, shoes for: ballroom, tap, and hip hop. Once approved, tap shoes are only allowed in Studio 2, and screws must be tightened before every rehearsal.

Studio Etiquette:

Sound Systems:

  • Aux chords or Bluetooth speakers are not provided by the department; Bring your own.
  • Turn off boomboxes and return them to where they were found


  • No food of any kind is permitted.
  • Water is the only beverage allowed and must be in a sealed container


  • Should be used as it’s intended
  • Ballet bars should never be hung from or sat upon
  • Instruments other than pianos should not be touched or played

Studio Clean-Up:

  • Return the studio to its original, clean condition
  • Put everything back where you found it

If anything is found damaged or inoperable, contact a dance faculty member immediately.

If items are lost, you can find them on the coat racks above the benches or in our lost and found basket in the hallway outside studio 1.

First-Aid Kits:

  • For emergencies only
  • Ice packs, band aids, etc. should only be used if the injury occurs in the studio

If a kit is missing any items, contact Heather Klopchin at klopchin @

NOTE: The dance studios are closed for the summer!

Instructions for non-St. Olaf requests

If you are a not a St. Olaf faculty, staff or student and want to reserve a studio during the summer months, please contact the Office of Camps, Conferences and Events at 507-786-3031 or email

IMPORTANT! The user agrees to follow the rules as outlined in the detailed studio use guidelines for non-St. Olaf users.