Ole Care. Together.

As we return to campus, all Oles have an important part to play in keeping our entire community healthy and safe. As individuals we may not feel at risk, but we each need to act to protect those around us. As Oles, we care deeply about our community. We can do this together.


Please CALL FIRST: St. Olaf Health Services at 507-646-6523 during regular business hours. If you screen positive for symptoms, you will be offered an appointment at the NH+C Respiratory Clinic. After hours, or on weekends, call NH+Cs Northfield Clinic at 507-646-1494 or go to the Emergency Department if it is an emergency. There is also a COVID-19 information line at 507-646-1919.

CDC also has a symptom checker for those currently residing in the United States. This tool is to help people determine whether they should seek medical care.

For rides to the hospital, call Public Safety at 507-786-3666 to arrange transport in a Safe Ride Van. If you are exposed or evaluated/tested for COVID-19 while here on campus or away from campus, please fill out this form.

Alert Levels

Current Level

St. Olaf College has established a color-coded series of alert levels intended to inform the college community about the level of risk posed by the COVID-19 virus to our community.
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COVID-19 Campus Data

Covid-19 Dashboard ➤

Results of ongoing testing, as well as the current status of the campus community, are reported here.

Reopening Schedule

Interim 2021

Classes Begin Online: January 4
Finals (Online): January 29
Interim Break: January 30 – February 14

Spring 2021

          Move-In Days for Students: February 9 – 10
          Testing for Staff/Faculty: February 8 – 9 (Round 1); February 15 – 16 (Round 2)
          Testing for Students: February 10 – 11 (Round 1); February 17 – 18 (Round 2)
          Classes Begin Online: February 15
          Quarantine: February 9 – 21
          Classes Begin to Meet In-Person/Hybrid Models: February 22
          Rest Day – No Classes: March 17
          Rest Day – No Classes: April 7
          Rest Day – No Classes: April 27
          Last day of Spring Semester Classes:
May 18
          Reading Day:
May 19
          Final Exams:
May 20 – 22 and 24 – 25
          2021 Commencement:
May 30

Community Standards

As part of the reopening process, we have great Community Standards for everyone to follow. These are based on guidelines from the CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health. This document will continue to be updated as guidance changes.


Monitor and Care

Everyone must be proactive and responsible for their own daily health routine for the protection of self and others in this community.


Everyone must take active prevention measures. Even though you may not be at high risk, there are others around you who are.

Provide Space

For students, faculty, and staff to be together on campus, we need everyone to be mindful and respectful of personal space.

Community Pledge

Our goal is to have every community member understand how interconnected we all are, especially when it comes to managing through COVID-19. Most of us are not medical professionals, but we all have a role to play in providing for the health and safety of our community. It is up to each of us to conscientiously do our part.

To align the College’s health and safety expectations with the well-being of each member of our community, and to provide all Oles greater assurances as to what they can expect from each other in terms of a commitment to these standards, all students, faculty, and staff of St. Olaf College are required to acknowledge their agreement with the pledge as a condition of their return to campus this academic year.


Forms & Resources

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