Alumni: 1980-89


Ann Slen
I am the owner and director of a local dance studio — the same one where I grew up! We have over 200 students and have been in business for almost 50 years. I am daily reminded of the knowledge gained at St. Olaf and the connections I made there. (Update: October, 2016)


Karen Schuldt Darling
I have been practicing law since 1990 and am presently a Deputy Attorney General with the State of CA. I am married with two children; Christine 4 and Jack 3. I regularly take Ballet classes and participate in performances with dance studios in Los Angeles. (Update: September, 2003)


Mary Abrams
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Mary Abrams, MA, RSME, is owner/director (since 1999) of Moving Body Resources, a space for teachers and practitioners supporting body awareness, wellness, and authenticity in life. Mary teaches group classes & workshops and works privately with individuals in NYC and across the USA. Since 2009 she has been leading and teaching the graduate course, Masters in Dance & Somatic Well-being, in the USA from the University of Central Lancashire in England. Her love for teaching is informed by her MA degree in Consciousness Studies focusing on embodied movement, the biology of emotion (neuroscience), and Epistemics (philosophy); her BA in Dance from St. Olaf College; and over 20 years of exploring and teaching somatic movement practice inspired by dance, creativity, healing, and Continuum.. (Update: October, 2016)

Anne Garrett
Currently the Executive Director of the Microsoft Alumni Foundation, remarried, and four sons: 23, 18, 12 and 9. Life is good. (Update: January, 2009)

Carol Stoutland
I started slowing getting back into dancing about 4 years ago and am currently taking classes at the University of Oregon Dance department.  I just started rehearsals to be in the Spring Student Dance Concert.  I’ve had time for all of this because I have been taking an hiatus from my Chiropractic career, but will soon be returning to that life.  Having received lots of chiropractic care, my body is functioning better today than it was 30 years ago! (Update: March, 2011)


Janet L. Hein
Enjoying a Big Ten college town as Director of Admissions at Indiana University Maurer School of Law as of July 2013. Bloomington, IN has a vibrant arts scene, with a huge variety of dance, theater, music, and cultures. I still love working with students and seeing them succeed in their chosen field. I use my performance experience all the time when instilling the importance of an education to individuals and groups. I enjoy bicycling and aerobics, but am excited to get back to a few dance classes as I learn the opportunities available here at IU. (Update: March 2014)


Susan Schneider Adams
I just choreographed a dance for high school students in a UCC church in Windsor, Wisconsin. I’m the Associate Conference Minister for Youth and Young Adult Ministries in the Wisconsin Conference, UCC. I am also the Interim Associate Pastor at Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ in Madison, Wisconsin. I continue to choreograph liturgical dance, perform, and lead workshops and retreats in the area of Liturgical dance. (Update: Spring, 2003)