Checking Out Dance Costumes

Preview the costume database and come up with a general idea of what you are looking for, such as:

  • Colors you need
  • Amount of costumes you need
  • The sizes you think you will need
  • When you need them by

You can access the costume database through this link:

If you find specific items that you are interested in, please copy the inventory number and the photo image to share with me in an email ( The online inventory does not include the most recent additions to the collection, so if you do not find what you are looking for, you can describe it in your email and we will check the recent additions to the inventory. Recent Companydance costume additions (post 2011) may be requested by indicating the title of the choreography, year, and the faculty or guest artist choreographer. Please note that only some are available for check out to students.

2. Once you have completed Step #1, please email the information to We may ask you to meet with a costume team member to discuss your needs further before pulling items or we may decide we have enough information to go ahead and pull items for you to check out without meeting with you first.

3.  If a face-to-face meeting is needed, we will probably pull your costumes after the meeting. (Costumes are only pulled during certain work shifts each week, so please plan ahead.)

4.  After your costumes are pulled, we will send an email to let you know that your costumes are ready for you to look at them and check them out if you want to try them.

5. You will need to pick them up when a student worker is on duty in the Costume Storage Room in CAD. Ideally you would come when a designated student service worker  is on duty so we can discuss things if needed. However if you cannot come during one of those shifts, then you can come during the times that other students are working in the costume room. (Please note that they will be busy with construction and other work and will not be able to pull items for you, etc.) 

For the most up-to-date information, check the schedule on the door of the Costume Room. Generally there is a student worker in the CAD Costume Room at the times listed there who may be able to check costumes out or in. However the pulling of costumes is only done at specific times, so please plan ahead and send an email with detailed information about your needs/requests.

Contact Anne at to check for hours.

6.  The final step to checking out costumes is sign the costumes out in the St. Olaf Dance Department Costumed Borrowed binder (on the bookshelf next to the tan filing cabinet):

  • Sign your name, phone number, and email.
  • Leave a description of the costumes and how many.
  • Include the date when you sign them out and the date you plan to return them.

Guidelines for Returning/Checking In Costumes:

  1. When checking the costumes back in, you need to go to the Costume Borrowed log and write the date that you brought the costumes back. If you are only bringing back some of the items that you borrowed at that time, list which items you are returning and show your entry to the student on duty.
  2. Then, we just need you to put the costumes back in the checkout location (generally the left end of the hanging rack next to the white cutting table or the pink bin with a lid). Ask the student where to put the items.

*Please note: Dance faculty can check out costumes at any time once they’ve been pulled since faculty have a key, but they need to be sure to record the items in the Costume Borrowed binder both when checking out and when returning items.

Anne von Bibra